Dupe Dupe


I'm a big believer in the 'fake it till you make it' lifestyle. Whether it faking your way through an important business meeting with all the confidence you wish you had, or faking it with the pieces in your wardrobe. I'll never get myself into masses of credit card debt because I just need those Gucci handbags that my budget can't afford - so where's the harm in a few dupes here and there? But lately it seems that every store on the high street is at least 80% dupes. We all have dupes for those Gucci loafers don't we? And I get that a lot of people are wishing they could afford high end pieces, so why not give the people what they want (supply and demand, yadda yadda, I do have an economics degree don'tcha know) but there's just no originality anymore it seems!

As I've said, I'm certainly not against dupes. Not only are they great for the low budget gal, but they're also ideal for trialling a trend. Which is where these shoes come in! These are quite clearly a dupe for the Stella McCartney flatforms which have been doing the rounds for a while now, but I got them from Public Desire for less than 10% of the cost. I'd been eyeing up the originals for quite some time, but couldn't really justify 500 quid on some less than practical shoes which I'm not able to wear everyday because, y'know, work. And also, I wasn't sure how comfortable and wearable they'd actually be? Turns out very well tbh, still not sure if I'll splash out on the real thing though.

I guess this cardigan is also very much a dupe, this time for Gucci. I don't know quite how similar it is to a specific piece, but I just know that the style of it - those kind of badges in that kind of layout/design, is very much like what they've put out lately. However, I didn't get this for reasons similar to those for the shoes, but simply because I liked it, y'know. I'm a big fan of everything Gucci at the moment, I'm loving the style they're putting out so when there's something in that same kind of style for a fraction of the price, I will buy into the dupe craze.

Wearing: Cardigan, New Look (sold out) - Trousers, New Look - Bodysuit, ASOS - Shoes, Public Desire - Sunglasses, eBay

I just get a little ~fed up, I guess, when I go shopping and everything, everywhere seems all too familiar. All too similar. Jesus, this sounds dramatic doesn't it? It's not meant to! Dupes are good but I don't want a wardrobe full of them, is what I'm saying, basically! I like originality and it's seeming harder to come by on the high street, so more vintage shopping and boutique exploring for me then!

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