One of the biggest trends you can see everywhere at the moment is slogan tee's. Ranging from the 'feminist' and 'femme forever' style which every brand has latched onto as if feminism is just the latest trend to make money from *rolls eyes*, to the well loved puns about avocado and brunch. This is a trend I'm fully on board with because it makes your lazy 't-shirt and jeans' days much easier doesn't it? But I didn't really see any that seemed ~me. That was until I was scrolling Instagram, a while ago now, and kept seeing some of my favourite celebs in the same t-shirt emblazoned 'CHOOSE LOVE'. And then I had the same ~epiphany style moment a couple of weeks back when I saw Lolli ( and her pals in a selection of tit tees. Slogan tee's that actually help good causes are much better than putting more money in Phillip Greens gross pockets, right? 

C H O O S E  L O V E
You've probably seen an array of stars wearing these, including a bunch of indie babes on the cover of NME. With the shit show our Government keep on proving to be, charities like Help Refugees UK really need (and thoroughly deserve) all the support you can give. Whether that's volunteering, a small donation or buying one of the selection of tees and jumpers on offer. 'Choose Love' is such a simple message that sums up exactly what we should be doing as a country.

T I T  T E E S
If you haven't been following Laurens cancer journey, you should hit up her blog now. She's firmly giving the middle finger to breast cancer and refusing to let it get her down. In a brutally honest post about the financial implications of a cancer diagnosis, she launched a range of t-shirts emblazoned with an array of alternative words for boobs. Knockers being my personal fave, but fun bags is also up there tbh. Not only do 25% of the profits go to The Breast Cancer Haven - but the rest helps fund a top gal through a shit time. 
So if you wanna get on the slogan tee hype - do the right thing. 

Loves. Emma.