So February's been a tough month. The toughest month tbh, because I put myself on a spending ban. And it's so hard! I did 'veganuary' last month (which you can read about here) and honestly not spending was so much harder than that! Why is it you always see things you want when you can't have them? But after January, where I just kept buying and buying in all of the sales, everywhere, I felt like I really needed it. I did, however, still have to make a couple of shopping trips because my mum and brother both have their birthdays at the end of Feb. Going shopping and actually not being allowed to buy anything for yourself is a bit weird isn't it? But this has all made me think more wisely about my money and how to spend/save going forward.

I still have a fair amount of January's wage that would have, let's be honest, normally gone on clothes or shoes. And then Februarys wage went in last week and just sat there untouched (bills and necessities aside) for a good few days. So my bank balance isn't looking the worst. And then I realised, that if I just have some self-restraint, I could be saving for more luxe pieces to add to my wardrobe rather than cheap stuff that needs replacing again and again. Or I could even be putting more away to save seriously. I don't earn big bucks, so I really just need to stop frittering away my money just because I have a discount code that needs using, y'know? Not allowing myself to spend for the month really gave me that push I needed to re-evaluate what I do with my money.
Without a constant stream of new clothes to showcase, I then get more creative with my outfits. So really, I think this was the best thing I could've done for myself in so many ways! I've started looking at what's in my wardrobe with more thought and putting together pieces that I wouldn't usually consider. And also, looking more at accessories and using them to style up outfits! I'm really bad with jewellery, never both past the usual watch and rings I wear every single day, but I have enough of a collection that I've been considering over the past few days, which choker would go best or which rings to add on. But this Adidas jumper is usually only paired with jeans for a comfy, casual combo, but styling it up a bit with this leather effect skirt makes for such a different look! This is also the first time I've braved bare legs in forever, so it's definitely getting close to Spring now. Finally!

Wearing: Jumper, Adidas Originals (old) - Skirt, Primark - Boots, ASOS - Bag, Zara

If you challenge yourself the right amount, the results can be quite wonderful. (lol)

Loves. Emma.