It's only in the past year or so that, through blogging, I've gained the confidence to really embrace myself in what I wear. I was always a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl who used to hate getting dressed up, but ain't that a different tale now! I'm the girl unashamedly strutting round Tesco in platforms because they're new and I've got nowhere else to wear them yet; yesterday I put a maxi dress on for a make-up free day of running errands because there was a hint of sunshine. I've really started to care less and less what people think of my outfits because I like them and that's all that matters, right? My best way of doing this though is through my footwear. It's like a running joke at work now, people coming to check what shoes I'm wearing each day (fyi the Gucci-dupe faux fur loafers are a strong favourite) and it's just become my ~thing. I LOVE a bold shoe. I can be feeling completely rubbish about myself, but once I've got a killer pair of boots everything changes. I also like how a bright pair like the pink loafers catches peoples attention because then they're not looking at my face, y'know?

 Gold ankle boots, New Look (not online)
 Pink Loafers, Topshop (no longer available)
 Faux Fur mules, Topshop (no longer available)

How typical that I choose three of my favourite, bold pairs - all contrasting styles - none of which I can actually link for you? Hmph. But you get the idea. I love how much your footwear can transform an outfit! For April I challenged myself to wear a different pair of shoes every single day (so that I actually get my wear out of more pairs!) and someone said 'omg that must be so hard, having to choose your clothes around your shoes' and I was like, what? I choose my outfits everyday based around the shoes anyway! Whether it's that I know I want to wear my trainers for comfort, or I've got new boots I want to show off, I always base an outfit around my footwear. I think they're the make or break piece of an outfit and always the first thing I look at on others. So I've really not found it a hard challenge - but instead a fun one!

Which pair are your favourite?

Loves. Emma.