I'm a big fan of turning "fashion don'ts" into "fashion dos" because, ain't nobody gonna tell me what I should and shouldn't be wearing! Socks and sandals was always the Brit dad on holiday faux pas that everyone would make fun of, but we're all on board with that now aren't we? The fishnet sock trend is massive and I'm sure you've noticed the sudden influx of glitter socks everywhere too. Double denim is another fashion faux pas often widely criticised for classic 90's boyband style, NSYNC vibes anyone? But I'm a big fan! (of double denim and boybands, fyi).
I did a double denim outfit post way back when I started this blog, but let's noooottttttt dig that out. While my photos now might not be the greatest, they have still come a long way I shall have you know. So let's just concentrate on this post shall we?

Considering I bought this jacket last year on ASOS Marketplace, and the skirt only recently from H&M, the colour match is pretty damn near perfect isn't it? Just your classic mid-wash blue denim really - by far my favourite shade. They're also the perfect balance of being the same but contrasting styles at the same time. The skirt fitted and the jacket oversized but both with frayed detailing.
I can't decide whether I prefer double denim when the shades match, like this, or when they contrast?

I'd love to say that I matched the t-shirt colour to the detailing on the back of the jacket (and additional badges) but to be honest, it was purely coincidental. I did, however, match the sporty tee and trainers to keep things casual with such a fitted mini skirt. These Reebok classics have been a wardrobe staple of mine for a few years now - I think I barely took them off my feet for like, the whole of 2014? Very surprised they're not more battered tbh.

Wearing: Jacket, Alice Takes A Trip via ASOS Marketplace (no longer available) / Tee, Adidas via ASOS / Skirt, H&M / Trainers, Reebok

Fan of turning around a fashion faux pas?

Loves. Emma.