I shot these photos a couple of weeks back when I had some time off from work, but they've been sat on my computer because I had no words to accompany them. When I have specific pieces of clothing I want to show off, I can just ramble a basic OOTD style post focusing on that piece, but I don't like that to be the focus of all or even a majority of my posts. I like to think a lot of my posts have more substance than that. Obviously not all of them; I love a wishlist and a simple OOTD as much as the next gal! But sometimes I just like having somewhere to get things off my chest. Hence the idea for this post!

As I've explained previously (I think it was in my one year of blogging post) I started this blog post-University when I was feeling a bit lost. It's given me somewhere to express myself and talk about the things that I want to talk about, without having to actually talk to someone irl. I'm not good at that kinda thing. It started out as a bit of a mess at first, I didn't know what my ~niche was (I still don't tbh) but I've found my comfort zone, focusing on fashion, mainly my personal style, with my "Let's Talk" series when bigger topics are on my mind. I've been doing this for coming up 2 years now and the reason behind my posts hasn't changed. If I ever feel pressured to shoot photos when I'm short on time, I just take a step back and stop. I do this for myself, for my own enjoyment, and I don't ever want it to feel like a chore.

I've also mentioned previously how I'm not good at the social side of blogging. I think I've only ever got involved in one twitter chat, but I'm very bad at twitter on the whole. There's a few girls (fellow bloggers) who I can call friends, who I've got to know through instagram, but I just struggle being social; even though online has always been the easiest platform for me. Because of this, my growth is very slow. I don't mind, I'm not blogging because I want thousands of followers and validation (although a little validation now and again is always good!) and I'm certainly not blogging for freebies or event invites that come with the growth. That should never be a reason for blogging.

Wearing: Hoodie, Forever 21 - Belt, eBay - Bag, Stella McCartney - Loafers, Primark

So when I was getting frustrated at having the photos and no words for this post, I had to remind myself why I do this, which then led to this post which is all a great big circle of irony, isn't it?

Loves. Emma.