I'm constantly wanting to venture more into interiors with my blog posts, but when you live at home with your parents and only really have the one room to make your own, well, there's only so much you can do, isn't there? So I might not be able to do 'room makeover' scale posts right now, but I can point you in the direction of some top quality, unique artwork for the low budget. Obviously, there's the likes of Desenio for all you Scandi wall print needs, but the real gem for finding unique pieces (I find, anyway) is always Etsy. Whenever I want any artwork it's my go-to site, if only for inspiration!

If I recall correctly, I found MacaronsandMimosas some time last year (or the year before??) when Corrie (dizzybrunette3.com) mentioned them in a blog post/video. As you can tell, my memory isn't the best, when did I get so old?! But this is beside the point. If you want to create a bit of a print filled collage wall but on a bidget, this place is bloody perfect. There's a bunch of designs to choose from, and even to option to custom make prints with their font! You then get them via email, download them and print yourself. Easy peasy! Well I guess, not so easy if you don't have access to a printer, but y'know. I've revisited this store now while writing this post and it's like a bloggers dream, offering custom-made headers and the like. Definitely worth checking out!

I actually discovered TheInnocentBones first through ASOS. One of their cross-stitch kits was in the gift section before Christmas and I remember thinking how cool it was, but of course it went out of stock before I actually made the purchase. Anyway, 5 months later I have a cross-stitch which I have completed mistake-free(!!) and, who needs ASOS anyway? They come with a very helpful set of instructions if you're a complete newbie, or if you're somewhat of an expert you can simply download the pattern and use your own kit. If you're not really into crafts or simply don't have the time to sit and make one though, you can just buy them ready made. Personally, I'm a bit of a nanna and love to sit with a lil crafty activity and have a break from all things ~internet once in a while. And well, the slogans are just idea for all your sassy needs.

If you have any favourite stores on Etsy then do let me know - I'm always looking for those hidden gems!

Loves. Emma.

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