Unless you've been walking round with your eyes shut, you've probably noticed the sudden influx of logo tees everywhere. Of course the leader of the pack is that Gucci one, but if I'm gonna fork out £260 on an item, it ain't gonna be a cotton t-shirt lemme tell you that! So I got more realistic with the classic Calvin Klein tee (obvs, basic af) and also this Levi's one. I saw this a while back on ASOS but I was having one of those times where there's nothing that I like on ASOS, nothing was inspiring me and I didn't want to place an order for just one t-shirt. So I left it, knowing I was going to Cheshire Oaks and they have a Levi's store there. Only when I got there, they only had the tee in a Mens L or XL, which not to be dramatic, would've literally drowned me. 

I ended up back on ASOS when I was bed-ridden in IBS hell after a birthday weekend on over indulgence. What better way to make yourself feel better than an online shopping splurge? I got the tee (obvi) and also found these uh-mazing dungarees in the sale. Just look at them! The frills! I have a bit of a thing for dungarees so it might be my 8th pair (not counting short dungarees) but when they look like this and cost a mere £20 how could I resist?

Also, not to forget my new do(!), which somewhat matches my tee, huh. The blonde in the previous two posts was merely in preparation for the new colour, which is already fast fading because semi-permanent. Hmph. 

 Wearing: Tee, Levi's via ASOS - Dungarees, Liquor&Poker via ASOS - Shoes, Zara (no longer available) - Bag, H! by Henry Holland (no longer available) - Sunnies, Ray-Ban

Loves. Emma.