So way back when, I went through a bit of a phase of doing monthly playlists, which then turned into seasonal playlists before being abandoned altogether. But I like my music, so I thought I'd get back into the swing of it with a little playlist of what I'm loving at the moment, and essentially I could've just linked you the whole Harry Styles album, but I'ma play it cool and do a mixed playlist. I like to think I have somewhat ~good music taste, but doesn't everyone? I'm mainly indie, a bit of pop, occasional rap, plenty rock but no metal, a good mix really. But a large majority of what I listen to simply comes via the Radio 1 playlist because I am just that basic. The Spotify discovery section is also v good for finding new artists too, based on what you like listening to! 
A lot of what I've been listening to recently has also been influenced by the One Love Manchester concert too, because how could it not be? 

Any recommendations? I'm always looking for new music!

Loves. Emma.