We've all seen that Realisation Par dress, haven't we? The Alexandra, a.k.a the dress of Summer '16. Quite floaty, flouncy and girly. Exactly the style that I never, ever, thought I'd find myself wearing. But when there's just consist hype around something, I can't help but be intrigued! I'm quite the opposite with hype around TV shows and films, I never bother with them because I feel like I'll be expecting too much - but clothes are my thing, and I'm a sucker for the hype!

So even though I got sucked into the hype around this, I still wasn't up for the three figure price tag! When I popped into H&M the other week and saw a similar style in the sale, however, I couldn't help myself. It's such a flattering shape and for £10 it would've been stupid not to. (I say flattering shape, but it's very baggy around the chest on me, hence why I wore a cute little bralet to peak through and cover me a little more).

As I mentioned, this is very unlike my usual style. As you can probably tell, I'm not the most girly. When I was just 18 months old I point blank refused to wear any dresses (after my mum had spent a small fortune buying all the pretty dresses) and this lasted a good few months and is still a story which my mum *loves* to tell! Throughout school, past the obligatory primary school summer dress phase, I only ever wore trousers. I don't remember ever owning a school skirt and definitely didn't join every other girl on that whole 'skirts as short as belts' trend! I also remember being 12 years old and having a super fancy family party to attend which actually stated 'girls must wear skirts/dresses' on the invite *insert eye rolling emoji x100* and my mum had to call and ask if I could wear jeans and a ~fancy top instead (they said yes, and I spent the evening running around a posh hotel, playing in the lifts, being v comfy!). So the sporadic frequency at which I wear skirts and dresses now is actually the most frequent I've ever worn them, and this is due to me having found my own style. I can wear a dress and put my own twist on it, make it an outfit that I'm comfortable in. Hence why I teamed this dress up with a fedora and DM's for a lil twist.

Wearing: Dress, H&M - Fedora, Primark - Boots, Doc Martens - Bag, Stella McCartney (not online)

Loves. Emma.