When everyone was getting chopstick curlers at the back end of last year, a part of me wanted one but at the same time, thought that I'd look ridiculous so there was no point. My mum knew this, so got me one for my birthday a few weeks back because she just knows when I need that little push to try something. So I tried it, with a little help from YouTube, and well, it was a resounding success if I do say so myself! My hair is naturally a bit curly, but nothing like this. I'm obsessed! It doesn't actually take as long as you'd think (15-20 minutes maybe?) and with a bit of hairspray it lasts super well overnight. I got the Mark Hill model, if anyone's interested, and would 100% recommend.

So obviously with a newly styled do, I had to get a shoot in for the blog didn't I, otherwise what a waste of a hairstyle! And for some ridiculous reason, I decided that a country road in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farms, fields and wind turbines would be ideal? It was predictably very windy (who would've thought, next to a bunch of wind turbines, huh?!) and a tad on the cold side, but I battled through. I'm just glad the road was so quiet because national speed limit and tripods in the road wouldn't be a good combination, I presume!

I saw these jeans on Liv's Instagram a few weeks back and was straight on that liketoknowit link! They remind me of the old 90's diaspora track pants that had the poppers up the sides, and anything 90's style I am all about! They actually fit super well and the poppers are very firm, so they don't just come undone when you sit down which is a big relief tbh. Nobody wants to be seeing these thighs, lemme tell you!

Wearing: Jeans, Missguided - Jacket, QED London via TK Maxx - Top, Urban Outfitters (no longer available) - Boots, Office (no longer available) - Necklace, ASOS

Loves. Emma.