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I love blogging. I love everything about it; the friends to be made in the community; getting to show off all my new clothes to people that actually care; and just having a space to get out the words I want to say. But there are often times where I just don't have anything to post and am lacking in inspiration on what  to post. Whether it be that I don't know what outfit to put together or I want a new location to shoot but can't find anywhere; or simply that I don't have any words to get out, it can be hard. Because when you try and stick to a blogging schedule (even if as loosely as 1-2 posts per week) when I don't have posts pre-planned, I start to put more pressure on myself. I've spoken before about how blogging shouldn't be stressful - it's a hobby (for me), it should be fun; so here's what I do to get the inspiration flowing:

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1. Get out.
Going for a walk is the easiest answer for everything, isn't it? Or better yet - go for a run. 'The fresh air will clear your head' they say, and they're right. Stop stressing over your laptop willing ideas to come to you: get out of the house. Put your headphones in, enjoy some fresh air and stop overthinking. Inspiration flows when you stop forcing it.

2. Browse blogs.
Finding new blogs/bloggers I've not seen before can be so inspiring! Not in a plagiarising way (obviously) but just in opening your eyes to see how different every blog is. Instead of getting down because 'my blog doesn't look like hers' appreciate it for what it is. Whether you get photography tips or just see a t-shirt on someone that you know exactly how you could style, bloggers are the biggest inspiration, always!

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3. Window shopping.
Whether it's browsing the 'New In' section on ASOS and Topshop, or actually having a wander around the stores in town, you might just see something that inspires you. Whether it's the way an outfits been put together or simply a sign or collection that you spy, you'll be sure to find at least one idea for a new blog post in no time.

4. Magazines.
I know, I know, print is dying. But I still love to just switch off from everything and curl up with a copy of Elle and a cosy blanket. There's always features in glossy mags which can give you ideas to post about. Vogue doesn't do it for me (soz) it's almost too aspirational (read: unrelatable) but there's so many others out there. Even the ASOS mag has been known to spark an idea for me! Often lesser known ~indie mags are the best.

5. Take A Break.
When it comes to blogging, there's nothing worse than putting out content just because you feel you ~need to, and not because you want to. Only ever put out content that you're happy with or you'll just come to regret it! So don't put a post up this week, what's the worst that's going to happen? Come back next week with a banger and you won't regret anything then!

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S H O P  T H E  L O O K

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Loves. Emma.