So back at the end of May, on my first ever visit to Ireland, I went to Dublin for the bank holiday weekend. There was obviously a fair bit of sight-seeing involved, obviously the obligatory visit to the Guinness Storehouse, but I (very predictably) spent 80% of my time shopping. Because what else do I do? I mean, our hotel was next to Grafton Street, so really, it was only to be expected.

I always enjoy the chance to just wander and explore new cities, not only for the shops to be found, but simply soaking in the culture. Lemme tell ya, the street artists and buskers on Grafton St were literally second to none. And when we stumbled across Boston Donuts on a rainy walk back to the hotel one evening, I honestly couldn't have been happier. That was the best damn donut I have ever tasted! 
So while I had already found numerous bargains (including both Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger jeans) I did still want to venture out to find Penneys. For those of you who don't know, Penneys is simply the Irish Primark. I'm not too sure on the logistics of why it has another name over there, but I'm not too interested tbh. We wandered for a good half hour over to the other side of the river and found not one, but two Penneys stores. Obviously had to go in both! And while there a few bits I'd seen in Primark back at home, there were so many different pieces. I don't know if the stock rotation is different there or simply different timings, but I was exceptionally happy with my finds!

I decided to go all out with a head-to-toe Penneys/Primark look for this post, so when I spotted this bag in store last week I had to grab it. I very rarely buy high street bags, but I've been toying with the idea of the whole straw bag trend for summer for a while now. They're just all so big and I can't find one that's ~me. So when I saw this (quite clearly, not straw but whatevs, it's crotchet and close enough) I had to have it. A very typical summer bag!

I initially thought these culottes would be perfect for work in the Summer, but after wearing them the other week and flashing my whole thighs to the office every time I sat at my desk, I think not. They're still cute, but not office approps. The denim jacket is the real gem of this outfit though! Those sleeves! Tell me those aren't the dreamiest damn sleeves you ever did see! It was quite literally a love at first sight moment. I whipped my coat off to try it on almost instantly and it was straight in the basket, not even a second thought to fitting it (along with alllll my other purchases) in the suitcase. 

Wearing: Culottes, Jacket, T-Shirt, Penneys - Bag, Shoes, Primark 

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

Loves. Emma.

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