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I've always been a little ~unique with my style, not strictly following trends or going with the crowd, but for a long time I did tend to play it somewhat safe. Those dreaded teenage years where everyone's super judgemental and you just want to blend in, so it's jeans and a t-shirt and nothing stand-out! However, since I started blogging I've experimented so much more with my wardrobe! It's given me the push I needed to truly be myself, be 100% confident and comfortable with my own style and what I want to wear. Seeing other bloggers be unashamedly themselves has been the most inspiring influence I never knew I needed.

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So with this experimentation came the influx of statement pieces in my wardrobe. Whether this be bright, striking coloured bags; patterned trousers or eccentric faux fur coats, I've got the works. These are the pieces which are the most decisive: I always know when I buy something that's a bit more ~out there, my brother is gonna hate it and I love that! I feel like a negative reaction means I'm doing something right tbh.

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Start Small
It wasn't like I started my blog and suddenly bought a whole new, eccentric wardrobe, but I started making purchases that I know I wouldn't have dared to a few months prior. Statement accessories are the best way to start (statement earrings are very in right now, fyi!) and I got this red handbag a couple of years back instead of another black one, so that I could add it to a simple, monochrome outfit for a pop of colour without having to actually wear any. Now, I don't even see this bag as a statement piece at all and that's what it's all about, gradual changes y'know?

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I started off adding one ~statement piece to an outfit at a time, but over the past 2 years, as my confidence has grown and my style evolved, I've started mixing them together. Bold beetlejuice-esque jeans with a red bag, faux fur boots and a somewhat loud jacket? Hell Yes. A spotted dress with a leopard print bag? Also yes. I've come to really love a good pattern clash! This time last year, I considered my wardrobe to be 'bold' comparing it to previous years, but now I look back and think how timidly I'd started to experiment. The outfits that I put together now, I know I wouldn't have worn 12 months ago, and it'll probably be the same in another 12 months! You've just got to learn to be experimental and push yourself out of your comfort zone little by little!

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Wearing: Jeans, ASOS - Tee, Adolescent Clothing via ASOS - Jacket, Alice Takes A Trip (no longer available) - Boots, Topshop (no longer available) - Bag, Topshop (no longer available) - Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

S H O P  T H E  S T Y L E 

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Loves. Emma.