As the name of my blog would suggest, my favourite time of year, by far, is Autumn. It's cool but not cold; sunny but not hot; and who doesn't love it when the leaves are falling and you're cosy inside with a blanket and hot chocolate! These factors aside, autumn fashion is the one. Layers upon layers and the creativity it provides; jumpers over dresses, camis over polo necks, and scarves as big as that Lenny Kravitz one. Nothing better tbh. Big baggy sweaters to hide a bloated belly and hats galore, what more could you possibly want?

So predictably, when it comes to summer, I'm at a loss. I'm not a fan of skimpy clothes, that's just not me and never has been. I'll get my legs out when it's warm, with a skirt or loose fitting shorts, but you'll never catch me in a sleeveless top. Backless, yes, but not sleeveless. I haven't been on a summer holiday or gotten into a bikini in about 7 years and am in no rush to change this. But body confidence issues aside, I just don't find summer clothes as fun to experiment with! I quite like that here in the UK we only get a couple weeks of proper ~summer weather, because that's only a couple weeks of struggling with what to wear. Yeah, there's loads of cute dress/playsuits/t-shirts in the shops atm, lots of nice gingham pieces and everything has pom-poms on, but I just don't have the same urge to splurge on clothes when the suns out! Saying that, I recently placed a rather hefty Zara sale order, which you may have seen if you keep up with my Instagram stories - plug plug! Although there won't be any new hauls anytime soon as I've put myself on a spending ban for July. (It seemed like the easiest month to do this as I don't want all of the summer clothes in store right now.) In this Zara order, was both the dress and boots of this outfit. The dress was a bit of a hesitant pick, I wasn't too sure it would suit me, how it would fit, but it turned out to be my favourite piece! It's super flattering and who doesn't love a polka dot print? Plus, in my somewhat extensive shoe & boot collection there was no yellow, which obviously had to change when I saw these! Yellows screams summer, right? Even if it's boots and not cute sandals...

Wearing: Dress & Boots, Zara - Bag, Stella McCartney - Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

Loves. Emma.