haircare products

So as you may or may not know if you're a regular reader, this year I have been setting myself different challenges each month, because why not? January I started with vegan-uary; February I put myself on a shopping ban, March I gave up fizzy drinks; you get the idea! So for August I thought I'd use this as the kick start I need to do something I've been wanting to for a while: going cruelty free. I'm already mostly plant-based with my diet so this was the next progression, because it's 2017 fgs, leave the bunnies alone! This obviously won't just be a month-long challenge like the others, but it gives me the kick up the bum I've needed to actually get started in researching brands and clearing out my products. 

There's a lot of information out there on cruelty free make-up and my favourite, Charlotte Tilbury, makes the cut, but other things like haircare are harder to research. I don't want to just use Lush 'BIG' like everywhere suggests, that shit dries your hair out like crazy, thank you very much! So that's where Neäl & Wølf come in. A range of cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free haircare products with very aesthetically pleasing packaging is everything you could ever want, no?

haircare products

Combining Luxury and Affordability
The brand are very clear about the ingredients which they use and the potentially harmful chemicals which they have chosen to leave out, and hence are used in salons up and down the country. They are designed for 'all hair types' so if you like more specific shampoo and conditioners, these may not be for you, but the styling products sure will be! You can find the whole range and all the info you need on the Neäl & Wølf site if you wanna have a nosey. (Let me tell you, the ENHANCE volumising mousse* and VELVET nourishing hair oil* are two must-haves!!)

Aside from them being a new brand (to me) ideal for all of my cruelty-free needs, there was another reason to me trailing some Neäl & Wølf products: a new launch. Be Inspired is their summer launch focusing on three different looks: Enchant, Epiphany & Awaken. Obviously I opted for Awaken, because am I ever awake enough? I feel like a constantly exhausted mess trying to juggle a full-time job, blogging and, y'know, life! So if my hair can give off awake vibes then I'm down for it! Plus, it's summer waves and very much the look I aim for everyday of summer.

The Awaken look focuses on the AMPLIFY Volumising Shampoo* & Conditioner* which I would definitely give at least an 8 out of 10. I haven't been using them all that long really, but long enough to say that they've been good for my hair. They're nice and light, smell good (although I can't really pinpoint what the scent is?) and don't leave your hair feeling dry which I've found a lot of ~volumising shampoos can do. The main downfall for me is that they haven't really helped my scalp. I have very sensitive skin and so my scalp gets all dry and flaky easily - but they aren't anti-dandruff products, so you can't expect everything!

Achieve the awaken look:

The first step which I don't even need to tell you: Wash your hair. Using the AMPLIFY shampoo* & conditioner* that I've just raved about, obviously.

shampoo & conditioner

Once you've dried your hair off a little with a towel (or left it wrapped in a towel long enough for you to apply your make-up and get ready, if you're me!) apply the UPLIFT volumising mist* alllll over and follow with a squirt of the ENHANCE volumising mousse* because you can never have enough volume in your hair, can you?

hair mousse & oil

After blow drying your hair, use the GUARD heat protection spray* and go crazy with a curling wand! Or if you use the straighteners to curl, or prefer to straighten over plaits, your choice!

heat protector
using curling wand

using curling wand

Spruce your hair up a bit, add some VELVET nourishing hair oil* for fly-aways, finish with the FIX Hold and Shine spray*, and voila!

hairspray & hair oil
applying hairspray curly hair

finished hair tutorial
finished hair tutorial

Let me know if you've tried any Neäl & Wølf products before and if so how you found them!

Loves. Emma.