red shirt and boots
red shirt and boots sitting

When you get absorbed in reading blogs and scrolling through Instagram each night, you can easily find yourself with a wishlist as long as your arm of clothes and beauty items that you just absolutely need. You discover a new blogger who has the dreamiest style and just have to have that jacket she's wearing in her latest snaps; you read a post about the 'best foundation ever' and find yourself sucked into wanting to try it; the Gucci belt that you can't scroll through Instagram without seeing, I absolutely must have it. There's a reason the 'youtube made me buy it' tag began, became a hit and transformed into youtube/bloggers/instagram made me buy it! There's a pull to be 'relevant' in what you're blogging about and the products which you feature. Why am I sharing photos of this outfit if half of the items aren't available anymore? Because it doesn't matter. People aren't reading your blog and liking your instagram photos because they want to emulate your exact wardrobe, sorry. Yeah, they like your style and might buy a lot of what they see you in, but for me it's all about the styling. How yoy've worn a piece makes all the difference, and if it's not current stock, there will always be something similar available. Trust me. In my last outfit post I had a moment of 'why am I wearing these faux fur boots when they're from Topshop 2 seasons ago and no longer available?' Turns out Nasty Gal have an almost identical pair available right now!

red shirt tied
red boot kick

As I mentioned, for me, it's all about how someone has styled their outfit, how they've put pieces together that I wouldn't think to. This then makes me reevaluate how I put outfits together, and yeah, those patterns clash, but in a good way. I see a post on how a bloggers styled some gingham trousers and I already have a pair so I don't want another - they're a little different in style, but I can still wear them with an outfit much like she has. There's loads of bloggers out there slaying in their vintage pieces and charity shop finds that none of us will be able to grab. Because you can be inspired by someones style without having to copy. You can link any number of similar items in a blog post and people will still be interested.

red striped shirt
red shirt and hessian bag

That's not to say we don't all want to buy pieces we see our favourite bloggers wearing - because we do! Of course we do! But the point is, you don't need to be doing hauls every week to be relevant. You don't need a Gucci handbag and a realisation parr dress. You don't need another Urban Decay Naked palette to sit in your drawer barely touched. (I'm totally making assumptions here, I'm allergic to eyeshadow so what do I know?!) But you get my point.

I've put myself on a shopping ban twice this year and when you aren't buying new clothes you can really dig through your wardrobe and find those pieces that haven't seen the light of day in months (if not years!). You can style them up in ways you've never thought to before and it's like you've been shopping without the spending - which is what we all dream of really, isn't it?

red shirt and boots sitting
denim skirt and hessian bag
oversized red shirt
red suede boots


red shirt and denim skirt

Loves. Emma.