For as long as I can remember, Celebrity Big Brother has been my go-to trashy reality show. We all love some crap TV (you're lying if you don't) because it just gives us an escape. It's an hour or two each night where we can just switch off for some easy viewing. There's no gripping storyline to follow and you don't have to think about it. But this time I've opted not to watch it. My mum was very surprised when I said this, which tells you how into it I normally get. But truth is, after the 7 weeks I dedicated to Love Island (and have absolutely no regrets about, fyi), I decided I didn't want to get sucked into more nothingness when I can be doing far more productive things with my time. It might not sound like much, an hour each evening, and it's 9pm when you generally start winding down anyway, but it is! An hour a night, 7 days a week (longer if its an eviction) and it all adds up. You find you're telling yourself 'I'll do that when I don't have an episode to watch' and it's stupid really, isn't it? My pile of 'to read' books is getting out of hand; there's a list as long as my arm of recipes I want to try (snacks to make for through the week to stop me grabbing biscuits constantly); and I want to really focus on upping my blog content. Just generally being more productive with my time really! I've been slowly getting better with my shoots over the past 2 months, finding new locations and being a bit more adventurous and I just want this to continue. 
I was talking to a friend recently about my blog, and how although I've had it for 2 years, it's only really in the past 6 months that I've really been putting the effort in. I've been trying to work hard at it and make it something I'm really proud of. This is actually my first shoot with an actual photographer (profesh, I know!) so I thought it only too fitting to talk about how I want to continue improving my content.

Hitting Publish More Often
Everyone always says 'you don't need to have a blogging schedule' but honestly? I do. Every person is different, but when I have set goals and ~deadlines I work far better. I work best under pressure, even if it's just pressure from myself. In July, I was putting out 2 posts per week and my only real limit on not doing this all of the time, is having the time to shoot photos. So I want to get better at shooting in bulk and having a backlog of photos to use so that I can continue posting twice a week. Even if this means more flatlay style photos and wishlist posts, because I enjoy the writing and have so many ideas for posts and things I want to say! Ironic that this is coming after a week of no posts, but times are a changing!

Forgetting About The Numbers
This is another thing that everyone always says, and this time it's something I actually need to start listening to. I've spent so much time recently trying to grow on Instagram (damn that algorithm!) and while it has been working somewhat, I've kind of been neglecting other things. I could've put that time into getting another blog shoot done, promoting my posts or simply reading others posts and sharing some love! So I'm gonna concentrate my effort on putting out the best content that I can and not so much on trying to grow.

Making Friends
I'm always seeing posts about how amazing blogging has been for people in making friends, and yeah there's girls I talk to on instagram DM's and always share the love on each other posts - the lovely Natasha actually included me in her post all about this - but I'm yet to get close enough with bloggers to actually meet up. I sometimes need a little nudge when it comes to socialising (anxiety is real fun guys!) but small steps like joining in twitter chats is all I need to do for now. I always seem to get online just as ones wrapping up though!

Get A Blog Header
Last of all, not a big goal, but I need to actually get myself a decent header for my blog. I had one last year that I'd cobbled together myself and it wasn't all that great, so I swapped it out for just the font which I've stuck with for quite a while now. But I just want something a little more personal; something pretty! So if you have any recommendations for this, hit me up!

Blazer - Missguided

T-Shirt - Topshop (similar)

Skirt - Missguided (similar)

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Bag - Valentino (no longer available)

Socks - Primark

Trainers - Converse

Photos by Matt McCormick

Do you have any blogging goals before the years out?

Loves. Emma.