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I was very slow in getting into the whole podcast craze. Why would I want to listen to something that I can't watch? But there are so many benefits, aren't there?! The amount of times I've stuck youtube videos on while cleaning or getting ready and had to take it back because I didn't see what happened. You don't have that with podcasts! They're the perfect ~background noise to make it feel like you're being twice as productive. Yes I've cleaned the bathroom and learnt how ridiculouly many pairs of football boots David Beckham owns. (Shout out to Desert Island Discs, which didn't make my top 3 bcos I'm hip and cool and current don'tcha know!) Not to mention the biggest factor for me is that I now have a 40 minute commute to work in a car that's good enough to play podcasts - 80-90 minutes a day? That's 1 or 2 a day! Obviously, not everyday, because sometimes you just need a good sing-a-long (looking at you, #ThrowbackThursday playlist).
So here are three which I listen to religiously; which can really open your eyes, make you think differently about things happening in the world; and which are all led by strong females putting their opinions out there, creating discussions. Relevant topics and feminist discussions? I'm in.
Also, can we talk about this outfit and how ready I am for autumn?! I just need these leaves to start falling tbh.
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Keeping It Candid
The newest podcast on this little list, KIC is only 5 episodes in, but we all know age is nothing but a number! This is run by two of my favourite bloggers, Sophie Milner & Millie Cotton, and is basically like sitting down with your friends for a chat. They cover all kinds of topics, from Rob Kardashian's revenge porn rampage to Millie's open and honest chat about her anorexia journey, and it's just so fresh and honest! They choose one topic to focus on each episode and, yeah, they might go off on a tangent, but that's what I love about it - that they don't hold back, it's not too structured and pre-planned, and they're just two friends genuinely getting excited about the things they have to say. It's always #relevant topics too, things which have been talking points on the internet already that they have more to say on.

lilac jumper
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The High Low Show
This is a lot like Keeping It Candid in the way that it's two best friends chatting about things that have made headlines through the week, but also very different. Hosted by Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton, I found this through Pandora's twitter having followed her for some time now. This is a much more structured podcast, with segments for a Q&A and their top 10 rundown of the weekly news headlines alongside chosen topics of conversation, but it still comes across in the same genuine, chatty way which draws you in on relatability. (Is that not a word? Why have I got a squiggly red line? Huh). Again, they cover a great range of topics and if, like me, you're somewhat of a bookworm, they're full of book recommendations all compiled on their goodreads page!

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The Guilty Feminist
I actually found this through The High Low Show, as both Pandora and Dolly mention it regularly as their favourite podcast. And I can see why! It's comedian Deborah Frances-White sitting down with different guests each week, in front of a live audience, to chat about feminist topics. The introductory segment each week "I'm a feminist but..." is my favourite part because we all do things that make us feel slightly guilty about calling ourselves feminists. I was speaking about this with a friend last week and she said that she sometimes plays into the 'dumb blonde' trope to get a mans help when she can't be bothered which, lol. They tend to focus around one topic and always have guests who can offer different views/experiences. Episode 61 'Orgasms with Alix Fox' is a particular fave!

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Do you have any podcast recommendations? Send 'em my way!

Loves. Emma.

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