Falling In Love With Cooking


pumpkin, sesame, flax, chia seeds and almonds

Y'know when you have a post that you really want to write, but can't get the words out? I'm having that right now. I've started this post at least 4 times and scrapped it because there's so many directions that I could go in, but really, I just want to share my newfound love for all things food and cooking. So it shouldn't be a hard post to write at all! 

I started to get into cooking when I was 17/18 and wanting to eat a bit better. I'd experiment a little with different veg & grains (my dad discovering there was quinoa in the cupboard was quite something) but I've always been a really fussy eater. This isn't just in what I eat, but also how I eat. And also, like many things when you're that age, it was somewhat of a passing fad and I became quite lazy. It wasn't until last year (after a hellish time back and forth at the doctors, hospital appointments and tests upon tests) when I was finally diagnosed with IBS, that I realised I really needed to start eating better. There are a lot of foods which I can't digest and it makes eating and cooking all kinds of stressful. It should've been a switch there and then, but again I got lazy and it wasn't until a horrendous bout of stomach cramps that left me bent over my desk in tears, that I actually realised what an idiot I was being. I can't eat dairy but I was eating fresh cream buns because they're nice. I can't eat bread, but peanut butter on toast is so good! Processed foods should be the biggest no-no but I wasn't being strict about it. I was knowingly eating things that upset my stomach and then complaining when I was in pain and not eating at all the next day. Stupid, right?

I still have the occasional blip now, but I'm much better at meal planning and far more experimental with foods than I've ever been before, who knew there were so many seeds to be eaten and so many different types of bean?! Beetroot isn't the horrible taste I was expecting it to be, actually very nice, and cauliflower steaks are a new favourite. (I still can't get on board with avocado though, what is wrong with you all?) This all coincided with my decision to cut out meat and so I'm quite largely plant-based now for both moral and health reasons! 

This was all made somewhat easier with the help of the internet (obvs), numerous people in particular and their cookbooks! I have so many recipes marked that I want to try, I'm forever counting down the time until mealtimes now! 

recipe books and granola

Foods I'm loving:

Quinoa granola served with Alpro yoghurt and fresh fruit (Tess Ward has an amazing recipe for chocolate quinoa granola that I would 100% recommend!)

Homemade beans on toasted rye

Any form of sweet potato - baked sweet potato with chilli; sweet potato fries; sweet potato fritters; all the sweet potatoes ever, basically.

Chickpea pasta (I found this in Holland & Barrett - not only is it better for my stomach, but much tastier than normal pasta too!)

Stuffed squash, also squash soup!

Cauliflower steak with wild rice and cannelloni beans

All of the popchips & propercorn!

acai powder, yoghurt and quinoa granola

Do you have any favourite recipes? Meal recommendation? Share them below!

Loves. Emma.

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