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I keep trying (and somewhat failing) at putting myself on spending bans. I succeed for the month I set it for, but then go on a spending spree or splurge on something extravagant after, totally defeating the point. I also keep telling myself I'll stop buying lots of ~cheap clothes and start investing in a few staple wardrobe pieces, but it's not happening a great deal. I just see something I like, get excited, and buy it. My savings account is depleted and even downloading a spending tracker app didn't help. I used to be so good at saving and I just don't know what happened tbh.

yellow & monochrome outfit
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So in trying not to spend as much on clothing, I'm trying to be more adventurous with what's already in my wardrobe, because there's plenty in there! I set myself the challenge in April of wearing a different pair of shoes/boots every single day of the month to get me wearing more of my stash and now for September, I've decided not to wear any jeans for the whole month! By jeans, I don't just mean denim (skirts and pinafores are on) but jeans and full length dungarees are off. I have plenty trousers, culottes and skirts that just don't get the wear they deserve because it's so easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in a morning when I need to get ready for work but am still half asleep!

yellow outfit
yellow romwe jumper

When I selected this jumper my first thought was how good it would look with some high-waisted jeans and boots in the height of autumn, but then I thought about it some more and decided on this outfit. These culottes are not short of love tbh - I got them from Primark last year and they have been such a good purchase, they're super comfy and stylish, the winning combo! And these boots which I picked up in the Zara sale are a firm favourite which I put away and *might* have forgotten about for a few weeks? They featured in this post all about summer style, but then haven't seen nearly enough love since.

baker boy hat
yellow outfit & carvel bag

Jumper, Romwe*

Trousers, Primark (similar)

Boots, Zara (similar)

Bag, Carvela (similar)

Hat, Peacocks (similar) 

Photos by Matt McCormick

yellow ankle boots

So through trying to be more creative with my outfits, I now find myself planning ahead what I want to wear. I don't set out a week of outfits ahead or anything, but on a night when I'm getting ready for bed, I'll just pre-plan the next days outfit. I know a lot of people always do this anyway to save time in a morning, but it also stops me from wearing the same damn jumper every week out of laziness!

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Are you good at wearing everything in your wardrobe?

Loves. Emma.