When I first started this blog, it was to give me somewhere to share the things I love with people who could relate on a similar level. I wrote a post all about why I started, and although this isn't the first blog I've had, it's the one that I've stuck to and something that I am so proud of. Everything on this blog I have done completely by myself. All of the coding, theme sourcing and editing (HTML and CSS will never be my friends); the words (obviously) are 100% mine and my proudest achievement, actually getting Google Analytics to work! It only took me forever. So I thought it was time to share the benefits I've found to having this little space on the internet. Because honestly? Starting a blog is the best thing I have ever done.

The Community
The big thing everything talks about with regards to blogging, is the support of the community and the friends to be made. I mentioned in my last post how I struggle with the socialising side to blogging, but that doesn't mean I've not felt the benefits. I've made friends with some super lovely and supportive girls on Instagram, and while I might not have actually met them, it doesn't matter. Everyone I've encountered thus far has only ever been kind and supportive and that just inspires me to keep going, to do better!

The Knowledge 
Before starting with this blog, I did a short course online for HTML and CSS coding. I was determined to make this blog good and not just give up as I have previously. (I'd link you to the course if I could remember, but my memory ain't that great I'm afraid!) But this isn't where my learning stopped, this only taught me the basics and I've learnt more and more as I go. How to add drop-down menus was a particular toughie, it just wouldn't work! I've also come to understand so much about SEO and using Google Analytics to my advantage; for a geek like me learning constantly gives me such a buzz!

The Drive and Inspiration
I guess a negative to blogging, is that ~other people don't always understand it. I've had 'friends' ask if I'm just trying to make money out of it, and telling me that I'm too late to make it a career. 'Everyone who's at the top now started before it got popular and the markets just too saturated'. Ok babe, you have social media accounts you use once in a blue moon and don't follow any bloggers, but ok. I never started my blog to make it a career, I never in my wildest dreams imagined enough people would be interested for me to make any amount of money, but they do. I'm earning money through affiliate links and have just had my first ad on instagram. I still don't think I'm gonna reach a level to take this full-time, but it's my hobby, it's what I enjoy, and you telling me it's pointless is only gonna spur me on further. 

The Confidence
The biggest benefit to blogging, for me, 100% has to be the confidence it's given me. I've always been shy, painfully shy. (Imagine walking into a friends house, her housemate asking who you are and you just freeze on the spot before running away? At the age of 22.) Shyness combined with anxiety, awful social anxiety, it's fair to say I've never been all that confident. Which was another big motivator behind me starting my blog and putting myself out there on the internet. My first fashion shoots were mega awkward and the photos show this, although now I'm not 100% comfortable behind the camera, I've come such a long way. I've also now got the confidence to wear what the hell I like, which compared to 17 year old me in my skinny jeans and white tee uniform, is quite something. 

I could go on and on, listing all the reasons I love this little space on the internet - having somewhere to get my thoughts out; somewhere to rediscover my love for writing - but I thought this might drag a bit then! So I focused on a few of the biggies, the important ones to me.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

Loves. Emma.