leopard coat
autumnal trees
autumn in the woods

I mean, the blog name *might* be a giveaway, but if you weren't aware, autumn is my favourite time of the year. I'm not a big fan of summer and warm weather, I wrote a bit about this before, and winter can be a little too cold. Springs good, but I just think autumn is the best, ok? Crunchy leaves on the ground, hot drinks and cosy blankets: dreamy.

So I thought I'd share 10 of the many reasons why:

leaf portrait
field and trees

1. Oversized jumpers. Perfect for when I'm having a bad day with my IBS and look 7 months pregnant. Also just for being cosy or hiding the fact I cba to put a bra on, y'know!

2. All of the layering. Coats over jumpers over t-shirts; skirts and tights; scarves; I just like being cosy. 

3. Hot chocolate in front of the fire, because doesn't that sound like the perfect way to end the day?
autumnal hot chocolate
hot chocolate by the lake

4. Home cooked meals. Not specifically an Autumn thing, I know, but I am so ready for shepherds pie and casserole and all the cosy, comforting meals.

5. Hats! Bobble hats, baker boy hats, beanies (all the B's apparently?) Perfect for bad hair days; cba hair days or just if your head gets cold!

cream bobble hat
red leaves

6. Darker make-up. I might not be the biggest make-up wearer but who doesn't love a berry lip when the weather turns!

berry lipstick
crunchy leaves

7. New series to binge watch under blankets, because is there a better way to watch a show? Helloooo Stranger Things series 2. 

8. Scented candles. I have candles lit in the house all year round tbh but on cold, dark evenings a cinnamon or vanilla candle is absolutely perfect.
tan skirt and OTK boots
ducks at the lake

9. The 'back to school' feeling. I get this every September and it makes me feel motivated for a fresh start; hence the goal setting and blog scheduling planned!

10. I can finally put the electric blanket back on my bed! Not like I've been waiting for this for the past month or anything...

kicking leaves
tree trunk and leaves

Are you an autumn lover?

Loves. Emma.