Sometimes it just doesn't feel right to publish trivial posts that were planned (i.e new additions to my makeup bag is a post that should've gone up on Friday, and the best pieces for layering, today). Sometimes things happen that make you reevaluate life, what you're doing and how you're living, even if that something doesn't directly affect you. Sometimes life is just too damn short.

It's a cliche to say that, right? Along with 'you only live once' and 'you never know what's around the corner' but they're such cliches because they're true. We do only live once, we don't know what could happen to any of us next week, month, year, or even tomorrow. And life really is too damn short. 

Because that Economics degree needs to be put to use in some way or other, I'm gonna refer you to Maslows hierarchy of needs. As long as you have food, water and shelter (and your health) everything else can be figured out with time. It doesn't matter that you're still living at home with your parents wishing you had your own place; it doesn't matter that you don't have a car, an SO or kids on the way like seemingly everyone else your age. Focus on enjoying what you do have, and doing something that makes you happy. Every. Single. Day. Even if that's not your job right now. Even if it's only for half an hour a day. 

It's far easier said than done to just 'stop sweating the small stuff', especially if you have anxiety like me, it seems almost impossible. But here's a few changes I want to start making:

Reach out to those friends you don't speak to enough
Because of my anxiety, and because of how busy I make myself, I barely ever find myself reaching out to any of my friends. I always feel that they might not actually like me, or want to be my friend, but tbh I need to stop caring. If they don't like me then they won't want to go for pizza next week and that's ok, because it just means more pizza for me. But I'll look back one day and regret not making the most of my friendships while I'm young.

Get rid of those friends who hurt you
You know the ones, who pass everything off as a joke, who never actually mean to upset you, but do anyway. Who only get in touch when they want something. I don't want to waste my time nor energy on people who don't truly care about me.

Tell the people you love, that you love them
Simple, right? It would be if you don't have such a fear of speaking about feelings and all that gross, mushy stuff! Even if it's just telling your mum that you love her at the end of a phonecall - it'll make you both happy.

Loves. Emma.