If you've seen one blog post complaining about Instagram and the affects of the algorithm, you've probably seen at least 10. They're everywhere. Everyone's struggling to grow, everyone's engagement is lower than ever, and when you're seeing photos from 3 days ago instead of 3 minutes ago, it's not really INSTAgram anymore is it? It's still my favourite social media, I don't think that will change. I much prefer the creativity of a photo and a witty caption to thinking up a tweet; and engagement will always be higher on there because we're all much more likely to like 100 photos a day than 100 tweets, that's just how it is. But it can be really disheartening when you have a photo that you're really proud of and people just aren't seeing it.
We shouldn't focus on the numbers - I know - but you'd be stupid to not realise how number focused the whole ~blogosphere is. You try to focus on making your content good instead of growing your accounts, but they should go hand in hand really shouldn't they.

Instead of writing a complainy post like all those you've seen, I thought I'd write about the positive impact this whole situation should be (and is) having. Because it's encouraging us all to be more involved, to seek out new accounts, to comment on the photos we adore and just generally share the love some more.

Seek out your favourite accounts
If you find that you're not seeing any photos from an account you've always loved, then go and find them! Make use of the search bar! Go through all the photos you've missed, like them and leave a comment or 2 - their photos are more likely to show up in your feed next time.

Comment, comment, comment
Not only is leaving comments on photos a great way for other accounts to find you (and for you to see who else is commenting and find their accounts!) but genuine comments can mean a lot to a person. I know I love receiving comments on my photos, especially if they're lengthy comments where someone has taken the time to read the caption! Brighten someones day with a 30 second comment.

Share the love
One thing that I'm loving to see more of lately (and which I myself need to do more often!) is sharing your favourite accounts with other people. A lot of bloggers have started doing regular shoutouts of their favourite accounts on instagram stories and I am so here for this. I've done this once (I'm very slack I know) but just receiving replies from those that I shared saying how much it meant to them was more than worth it. 
So here's a few accounts you should be following for major outfit inspo (all linked, ofc!)


Generally, we should always use a bad situation to our advantages! Make a positive out of a negative and all that!

Share your favourite accounts below!

Loves. Emma.