yellow and grey jumper
yellow jumper
black boots and gold socks
colour block yellow jumper

If you didn't know, I actually shoot a lot of my blog photos on a tripod. I hate to rely on other people, so why not do what I can on my own? Yeah it can be a little awkward, but honestly there is no better way to learn your angles and how you want your pictures to look. Bonus: there's nobody to see the ugly outtakes which don't make the cut (because there's always a bunch - whether you're shooting solo or have somebody behind the camera)! I always find somewhere relatively quiet, early mornings are great (while the daylight lasts!) and having an Olympus Pen I use the app on my phone to see how the shot looks before setting the self-timer!

black white grey jumper
colour block jumper

This set of photos possibly isn't the best to accompany this post because I got halfway through shooting before my camera died! Always make sure you charge your battery before a shoot guys! But the ones I got aren't terrible so I thought I'd still share them anyway. Partly because of this amazing jumper that I had to share with you all. I picked it up in a little River Island haul that I did, (fully inspired by Charlotte!) and you can find the other pieces I picked up on the Shop My Wardrobe page!

denim skirt and baker boy hat
jumper and denim skirt

It was actually an Instagram live that I watched with Megan Gilbride & Alex Cameron a few weeks back that inspired this post, where Alex (who, if you don't know, is a professional photographer) said that bloggers don't get enough credit for their solo tripod shots. It's how most of us started, in our back gardens with that ugly fence in the background, and sometimes it just proves the easiest way to get the photos that you want. Especially if you've got a deadline and nobody's available!

knit jumper and denim skirt
swinging from lampost

Jumper, River Island

Skirt, Primark (similar)

Hat, Peacocks (similar)

Boots, Office (similar)
knitted jumper details

As I mentioned, you not only learn ~your angles~ but just how you want your photos to look in general. And yeah, you can learn this with other people shooting too, but tbh I'm just more comfortable trying new things if there's nobody watching. Some of my favourite shoots from using my tripod include my post on the benefits of having a blog, 3 podcasts I'm lovingadding statement pieces to your wardrobe and being basic. It might mean that my photography level isn't up there with other bloggers, but this isn't a competition. As long as I'm happy with my content; not only the end result but with the whole photographing process, then I'm happy. And shooting on a tripod is something you should definitely try! Because it's not as rare as you might think; I've noticed quite a few bloggers mention that they're off to shoot some photos with their tripod!

river island jumper

Have you ever taken your outfit shots on a tripod? Are you a fan?

Loves. Emma.