So I mentioned in my post about the benefits of having a blog, that one of the best things about blogging is the community of bloggers. It makes you feel less alone in what you're doing, and it often helps when you have a wobble and feel like you're talking to nobody and someones there to remind you that you aren't, someone who can actually relate to how you're feeling. So with this, comes the fact that we should all be building each other up; tell someone when their post makes you feel something; let them know when their outfits have inspired you; share the love!! I did a little post a couple of weeks back sharing the love on some of my favourite instagram accounts, and now I thought I'd share my favourite blogs at the moment. Because I'm TERRIBLE at commenting/tweeting/generally leaving feedback. So here's a little apology for being the dreaded silent reader. Woops.

1. The Little Plum
I'm sure you all read Chloes blog already (if you don't, why the hell not?!) but I couldn't do a post like this and not include her. Her posts are the ones that have me shouting 'YES!' at my laptop the most, because she nails it every. single. time. Everything she writes about is just so relatable, honestly, sometimes I think she's in my head. Whether its about contraception or body confidence, dating advice or general fashion chat, I can guarantee there'll be a post you fall in love with. And she is the queen of petite style don't ya know!

Favourite post by Chloe: Who I Want To Be On The Internet

2. Sophie Cliff
So I actually found Sophies blog through the #leedsblogger tag on instagram, because if you can't support local girls then whats even the point?! I fell in love not only with her imagery, but her honesty and her commitment to blogging too. I don't know how she puts out so many consistently high quality posts while holding down a full-time job; I am in awe. She has inspired me to get up earlier in a morning, make use of the time that we have, and also to be more honest in my posts. Her travel posts always have me wanting to hop on a plane and just spend a weekend somewhere new!

Favourite post by Sophie: Is Our Generation Paralysed By Choice

3. Lauren Evie
Lauren is fast becoming one of my favourite bloggers, like, ever. She did blogtober last month and absolutely nailed it with such unique and amazing posts, whether that be on mental health, a book review, or any kind of lifestyle post you could possibly want. Her way with words is just the best, and her posts actually make you FEEL. She's also one of the nicest people I follow on social media, so really, whats not to love? I am also going to hold her solely responsible for my ever-growing collection of books which I am always failing in making time to read, so there's a warning!

Favourite post by Lauren: There's More To Life Than Right Now

4. SopharSoGood
I genuinely can't believe that Sophie only started blogging this year, considering the level of content which she is putting out! I love every post that she writes whether it be fashion related, a travel diary or beauty reviews. Her outfits are always on point and her posts have more substance to them than a typical 'this is what I wore' which I really admire and love in a blogger, and something which I try to do myself. She's just one of those bloggers who you want to be best friends with, y'know?

Favourite post by Sophie: In Defence Of Dressing Up

5. Beth Sandland
I must admit that, for a while, Beth was one of those bloggers who I followed on social media and interacted with without actually venturing to her blog. Bad, I know! But then I went on and got sucked into post after post because they're all so. damn. good. She posts on an array of lifestyle topics and her imagery is always so on point, it's hard to believe she's only been blogging for a year! Also: her instagram feed is a dream and I love how real she keeps everything with such honest captions. 

Favourite post by Beth: Blogging And Relatability

Leave your favourites in the comments for me to check out!

Loves. Emma.