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bleach london and the ordinary

As you should probably well know by now, I'm not great with makeup. I mean, I didn't really get into wearing it all that much until I was 17 anyway and I've come to the realisation that a heavy make-up look will never be for me. I'm all about that minimal no make-up make-up, apart from the days that I want a bold lip of course! How does one even accomplish a smokey eye without looking they've been punched in the face though? I mean, having hooded lids doesn't help, and the fact that I'm allergic to seemingly every eyeshadow just gives me a great excuse to not bother doesn't it! Also, winged liner? Some kind of witchcraft. 

Anyway, there are a few new pieces that I have added to my make-up bag recently that I thought I'd share with you. Obviously including two bold lip choices, because if you can't wear a dark lip in autumn, when can you?!

the ordinary serum foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation
I've wanted to try this (along with numerous pieces from their skincare range!) for a while now, but it was always sold out when I looked. Eventually I found it on Cult Beauty when I was placing an order and they had one shade in stock - I took a gamble and turns out it's my shade exactly! I love how light this feels on the skin, and it's fast becoming my favourite because it's a nice light coverage too. Perfect for everyday! And I just can't get my head around how everything from The Ordinary is so good, yet so cheap?!

bleach london illuminati

Bleach London Illuminati
Along with a very minimal make-up look, I very much enjoy a dewy, glowy look. Give me all the highlighter! I didn't get along with liquid highlighters for the longest time because they always seemed to look like a stripe of shimmer on my cheekbones, but this was just me being terrible at make-up again! This one is such a good glow without being overly shimmery, and adding drops into your foundation is perfect for this time of year when your skin can be a bit dull. I also like to apply this without any other base make-up when I have a tan (read: after applying fake tan).

bleach london bruised violet
bleach london bruised violet applied

bleach london gordon brown
bleach london gordon brown applied

Bleach London Lip Kit - Bruised Violet & Gordon Brown
Back before Bleach did make-up, I used to use their hair crayons as lipstick. This sounds really weird, but it was like a ~thing - they promoted it, y'know! I could never get them to work in my hair because I found the nib too small. But anyway, Bruised Violet is a colour they had back then so I wanted to try the formula actually designed for lips, and Gordon Brown sounded like the perfect slightly dark nude. It's the obvious lip kit contents of a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick. I don't always like lip pencils, I think they can sometimes be quite harsh, but these are super soft and creamy - and come with a little sharpener which is always a bonus. I love both shades - they're great coverage and don't turn patchy, but the formula is a little drying. I think I just need to try putting more lip balm on first tbh.

Any make-up must-haves I need to try?

Loves. Emma.

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