heart autumn dungarees

Being someone with very poor circulation (aka constantly cold), I love to layer my clothes. Not only do you get the extra added warmth and the option to remove layers if it warms up (not often) but I just think it adds a lot to your outfit. Yeah, its great putting on a massively oversized knitted jumper and being cosy (I do this plenty) but wearing a polo neck under a pinafore under a shirt and a jacket, with tights of course, theres just so much more styling to be done! And there's no better time to be making the most of your styling options than in  autumn. Because everyone knows autumn fashion is the best, ok. Its just a fact!
Some of my favourite pieces for layering include:

crop cord dungarees
heart autumn platform boots

You should know by now that I have a bit of a love affair with dungarees. I've done quite well in keeping them out of my outfit posts lately as I've been getting more adventurous with my wardrobe, but fear not. The collection is still in my wardrobe and still growing! I saw Megan Ellaby in this pair on instagram before she showed them in a haul, and I was instantly on ASOS placing an order. How could I not?! I did fear that I wouldn't look half as good as she does, because lets face it, she's a mega babe! But I think I'm doing alright with them. They're the ultimate autumn pair of dungarees: a deep berry colour and corduroy, does it get much better?!

heart autumn leather jacket
leather jacket & mustard bag

I wrote about my love for pinafores in the summer, but they're just as great for autumn with a pair of tights and a jumper underneath! I actually have a corduroy one that I picked up from Topshop last year, y'know the burgundy one that was everywhere? Thats made a reappearance in my wardrobe already this year along with a faux leather number and a classic denim. They're my favourite thing to pair with over-the-knee boots too, which we all know are perfect for this time of year!

bag & jewellery detail
purple corduroy

Polo Necks
I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with polo necks - they can be a bit tight or just generally uncomfortable and make me feel a little claustrophobic sometimes! But if you find the right ones, not too high up the neck, then they're perfect! A bit more like a funnel neck? They not only keep you all covered up and toasty warm, but I think they're ideal for layering necklaces over the top for that extra added sparkle to your outfit.

tie detail dungarees
heart autumn street style

Slip Dresses
Now this may sound a little odd for this season, but if you have slip dresses that are a little oversized then adding a bit of a chunky jumper underneath can make such a good look! Obviously chunky jumpers can be hard to layer without it all bunching up and feeling too uncomfortable and bulky, so lighter knits work best, but I love the stark contrast of a skimpy slip dress and a chunky knit! Add a hat and some OTK boots and voila!

purple dungarees
stripe top & mustard bag

Thin Knits
As I mentioned above, chunky jumpers (as much as I love them) can sometimes be hard to layer and are often just best for lazy days, where you don't have to throw much on. So thinner jumpers are the perfect alternative! They tuck into dungarees without giving you an extra few rolls and if you're not a permanent icicle like me, they stop you from overheating when you want to layer up.

And it goes without saying, but tights are my best friend and make layering much easier in the cold weather! 

heart autumn streetstyle


Dungarees, ASOS

Top, Primark (similar)

Bag, Topshop

Boots, ASOS (similar)

Jacket, River Island (similar)heart autumn stripes & dungarees

What are your favourite pieces for layering in autumn?

Loves. Emma.