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I'm forever seeing blog posts on 'how to balance blogging with a full-time job' and basically, the key is good time management and finding what works for you. Whether you want to be publishing posts 5 times a week or just once, whether you need to co-ordinate with someone else to shoot your photos or can do them on your own, whether you work 9-5 or varying shifts, it's totally different for everybody. So after a week of feeling bleurgh, my iron deficiency coming back with a vengeance and wiping me, alongside a bout of tonsilitus and just wanting to hibernate, I thought it was time to kick myself into gear. Starting with sharing how I (usually) find the balance when juggling full-time work & a blog (along with going to the gym, having a social life, me-time, etc.etc.).

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Being Organised 
The key to keeping sane when you're busy is organisation. There's no fancy tricks, it's that simple! I got the 18-month Kate Spade diary this year and it has basically become my life. It has everything in there; my plan of blog posts each month, a track of what I've been spending, appointments & shoots I have booked, everything! I know a lot of people like bullet journals, but this just works for me so why rock the boat? 

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Making Time 
With being organised, comes utilising your time well. For me, this has become getting up earlier on a weekday to make use of an extra hour each day. This may sound like hell to some of you, but it's just become routine now (and admittedly, some days I do spend much of that extra hour scrolling social media). I'm just a morning person! I never have and never will be a night owl, I'm lucky if I make it to 11 o'clock without having fallen asleep once already, and the idea of coming home from work, having some dinner and then starting to write a blog post is never gonna work for me. I like to leave my evenings free for some down-time; whether that's a pamper evening with a face mask, going to the gym or meeting a friend for pizza, evenings are just when I feel least productive. So getting up a bit earlier (still staying bed, of course) and editing some photos or scheduling a few tweets is what I like best. 
Along with this, I like to make use of my lunch hour a few times a week too. I spend much of the work day chatting with colleagues so don't feel the need to be sociable at lunch too (hello, I am the most anti-social bean to exist). If I can get a post written whilst enjoying a muffin and hot chocolate from Costa, then what's not to love?!

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Planning Ahead 
I mentioned briefly that I have a plan of blog posts for the month ahead scheduled in my diary. This is something I'm continuously adding to and adjusting as new ideas come to me or things change and I don't get the photos I wanted, but it just gives me an idea of what I need to be writing/shooting and when for. The one piece of planning which I think is vital in juggling a blog around full-time work is to shoot as many sets of photos as you can at once. For my outfit shoots, I aim to get 2 outfits done per shoot, so if I don't get chance to shoot the following week I still have photos good to go. With regards to flat-lay style photos, if I have the products needed and know how i want to photos to look, I'll do as many as I can because these dark evenings really limit photography time! 

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Not Getting Too Caught Up In It All 
I know I said being organised is the key to blogging around a 9-5, but I also think it's essential to be aware and take a step back sometimes. If you wanted to shoot outfit photos but it's raining, have some time off. If there's a post that needs writing but a friend wants to go for pizza, have some time off. Blogging is my hobby first and fore most. It isn't what pays the bills and it's something that I want to always enjoy. So I'm never gonna put too much pressure on myself. Sometimes you've just got to put yourself first and not burn yourself into the ground.



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