How many 'New Years Resolutions' style posts have you read already? I'm not even gonna apologize for adding to the masses, because a fresh year (starting on a Monday, no less!) is the perfect time to implement all of those changes you keep promising yourself. Plus, I love reading everyone elses and getting inspired! 
I wrote a post back in September when I was feeling super motivated about how that time of year (more so than actual New Year) gets me ready for a fresh start. It's probably due to the whole 'start of the new school year' which was engrained for so many years as a fresh start. But that doesn't mean I don't still get motivated by the new year.

I don't have a bullet point list of things that I want to accomplish in 2018, set number goals to achieve or anything like that, but just a few things that I've been noticing lately that I want to make more of an effort with.

Doing Things For Myself.
The biggest change I want to make for 2018 is to be a stronger person, learn to say no, learn to let go and, basically, stop being taken for a mug! There have been too many 'friends' only ever getting in touch when they want something, not being there for me and generally just using me. To the point where I was in tears to my mum on one ocassion telling her how much I just hate people. So 2018 is gonna be the year to get rid of that kind of negativity from my life. I want the kind of friends who uplift me, not tear me down, and although I'm super introverted and not the most sociable person, I just need to push myself a little and find more like-minded people.

Saying Yes More.
This kind of follows on from the first point, but as if I wasn't shy and anxiety riddled enough, something happened early on this year which just pushed me way back. To the point where I was cancelling plans if not avoiding making them in the first place, and honestly? I've barely done anything this year other than work or blog. I've not been on holiday (unless you count a family trip to Dublin?) and I've just not spent much time with friends. So for 2018 I want to get back to being me. Doing things I enjoy with other people, not just on my own, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone somewhat.

Working On My Content.
Not so much a change, but I want to continue working on improving my content more, working with photographers for my outfit shoots and writing more ~think pieces~. My photos, writing and blog in general have improved a lot since I started, and I am so happy with it all, but I still want to continue pushing myself and my abilities! Along with this comes improving my social media. I'm not talking aiming for higher numbers, I'm talking how I use them. I need to be more active and sociable on twitter, and I need to put more effort into my instagram. It got to a point where I was so focused with posting everyday on there that I wasn't posting my best photos. Less high quality photos are better than lots of poor quality ones tbh.

Being more ethical.
I like to think I'm not doing terrible at this anyway, but I know there's little changes I can still make, cutting down on plastic use being a big one! I didn't even watch Blue Planet (sorry!) but the chat around it still made me think, along with the other chat you see on social media about climate change and veganism and all sorts. I eat a (mainly) plant-based diet, but health problems restrict me with food a lot anyway! I do the main things like using a canvas shopping bag and recycling what I can, but I do I want to get a compost bin too for any food waste, and generally just be more aware.

Do you have any similar changes you're wanting to make?

Loves. Emma.