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I always like to switch up my skincare as we get into the colder months, adding extra hydration of course, so it seemed liked the perfect time for me to finally try a few pieces from The Ordinary! I've wanted to try so many items for a while now, but because of the hype they're always sold out. So I was very happy to finally get everything I wanted in one order, because I'm just that easily pleased! Glossier launching in the UK at the same time just added the cherry on top of my wonderful little cake full of skincare (that didn't really work did it, but let's just roll with it..). I simply opted for the 'Phase 1' set from Glossier because I didn't know what I actually wanted to try and it seemed like the easiest option. So after trialling these for about ~a month, I thought I'd give a little run through each of them.

the ordinary skincare
the ordinary acid toners

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5
Have I mentioned how annoying the names of The Ordinary products are? Because it took me a good while to figure out what each product was and whether they were suitable for my skin. FYI they almost all say not suitable for sensitive skin, I have sensitive skin and took the risk; they aren't very harsh.
But anyway, this one is a hydrating serum and I've been using it on an evening before my moisturiser and have really noticed a difference! I have dehydrated skin, so when it's cold and the heating at home and work is on and drying out my skin, it gets awful. But a couple of drops of this each night and my skin is feeling much more hydrated and I'm not quite as desperate to get my makeup off and slather my face in moisturiser each night now!

The Ordinary salicylic acid 2% solution 
I don't really remember choosing this one, but I'm so glad that I did because it's become one of my staples! It's a purifying toner and after changing up my skincare so much, my skin has been breaking out rather a lot recently so this was much needed! I've just been applying a few drops on my problem areas after cleansing on a night, and by the next day they're more or less gone? What a dream!

the ordinary vitamin C suspension

The Ordinary Vitamin C suspension 23% + HA sphere 2%
I'm still somewhat undecided on how I feel about this one tbh. It's a brightening serum and I've been using it every morning before my moisturiser, but it leaves my skin feeling greasy and just doesn't seem to soak in much! It also has a grainy texture which took a bit of getting used to too. Can't say I've noticed much difference with using this, so not sure I'd bother repurchasing this one!

the ordinary glycol acid

The Ordinary Glycolic acid 7% toning solution
I was really holding out hope for this being a perfect dupe for the Pixi Glow Tonic costing a fraction of the price, but it doesn't *quite* match up for me. It's definitely much better value for money and it does do the same job, it just feels like it's more diluted? Which it probably is and it's probably better for your skin tbh (I've not done a great amount of research!) but it's not pulling me away from my trusty faithful I'm afraid!

the ordinary peeling solution

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution
This is probably the one that I was most excited to try! (Yes I get excited over skincare, shh) It's a bit like an exfoliating face mask and leaves my skin SO soft. It's a bright red liquid, so when you apply it to your face it leaves you looking like a tomato and you're best not to wash it off with a new, white muslin cloth or it will stain. I learnt that the hard way! It does sting a bit when first applied, but I like that because I like to know that somethings working. Just don't make the mistake of applying it to freshly waxed skin like I did after having my eyebrows done - the burn is real!

glossier skincare
glossier phase 1

Glossier Priming moisturiser
Being honest, I've not really trialled this all that much. With switching everything else up in my skincare routine, I didn't want to mess around with my day moisturiser as well. I have used it a few times, and while it's a great base for applying make-up (as the name would suggest) it doesn't seem moisturising enough for my thirsty skin. I'll still try it out a bit more though - with a hydrating serum before it might be much better!

Glossier Balm dot com
Clothes and shoes aside, if there's one thing I have in excess, it is lip products. Lipsticks, glosses, balms, everything, I have an array in pots and trinkets galore. It's ridiculous! But I couldn't not try this given the hype around it. I went for the 'Birthday' flavour because it's just different to any others I have, and it tastes SO nice! It's quite tough to squeeze out of the tube, but is nice and moisturising and has become my nightly before-bed balm!

Glossier Milk jelly cleanser
The final piece that I've started using and I'm liking it, but not loving it. It's not gonna replace my beloved Cleanse & Polish, lets put it that way! It is nice - it smells goods and doesn't dry your skin out like some cleansers can, but it doesn't give a deep clean. It's not great when you've got any amount of make-up on, but I've switched to using it in a morning as opposed to evenings and much prefer it that way. It's a nice wake-up for the face!

Let me know if you've tried any of these, what you think, and if there's any other must-haves I need to try!

Loves. Emma.

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