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Y'know when inspiration strikes in the shower and you write up paragraphs in your head, but as soon as you get out, it's gone? Yeah that happened with this post! I had the idea and loads of points that I wanted to make, worded it all so that it was actually readable and now don't have a clue what any of it was! But I just see so much focus, everywhere, on aiming to be a girl boss, run your own successful business, have multiple side hustles and be on the grind 12 hours a day, everyday. And I hate it. Like yes, that is (obviously) a great goal to have, aim high and all that, but it's just not for everyone. AND THAT'S OK.

aviator jacket and flares
baker boy hat

Wherever you look, whether it be the slogans on clothing, the latest must-have coffee table books, or just chat on social media, being a ~girl boss~ seems to be the goal for everyone at the moment. (And don't get me started on why we're still using this term - is a boss not a boss whether male, female or anything in between?) And I was all for it at first, yes GRLPOWR, we can and should achieve just as much if not more than our male counterparts, but then the more I've thought about it, more so in relation to myself, it just doesn't sit right with me. When I do something, I like to give it my all, I do everything I can to make any task the best it can possibly be, to the point of burning myself out. So if I was having to go out and find a paycheck each month, my mental and physical health would be TERRIBLE. The thought of blogging full-time, loosing a steady income and risking it all, gives me so much anxiety, which only triggers my IBS more and makes me want to hibernate for a week. I know blogging full-time isn't the only way to be bossing life, but it's just one example because, y'know, I'm a blogger! 

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I love my blog, and yeah of course I get a little jealous at times seeing those who do it full-time jetting off everywhere and anywhere, shopping all week and choosing their own working hours, but for the stress that come's along with this, I just don't think it will ever be for me. I love blogging alongside my 9-5 and what's so bad about that? I don't have to worry where my next paycheck will come from and when; I can switch off at 5 o'clock and my holidays are actual holidays. There's no fear that having time off will result in a loss of money or having to take my laptop on every trip I make. If I want to create content for my blog whilst I'm away then that's through choice and it's stress-free. I'm not ~bossing life~ but that's ok. 
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"Chase your dreams or you'll end up helping someone else chase theirs"
One of the most RIDICULOUS statements used to encourage everyone to build an empire. What's so wrong with helping others achieve their dreams? Absolutely nothing. If you build such a successful empire then you'll end up wanting somebody to help you and you shouldn't be looking down on them for that. Not everyones dream is to be their own boss; not everyones dream is even career focused! Some people just want to travel the world or have a family, and if a stable job working for someone else helps them to achieve that, who are we to judge? 
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With social media so huge it's very easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to literally anyone else who is a similar age, and it's just not necessary, is it? I don't have my own business, I don't own my own house, but does that mean I don't work hard? No. Does it mean I'm not successful? No. Whether we have different end goals or just different paths to get their, no two people have the same journey. 

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