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The hardest thing I find about blogging, without a doubt, is the comparisons. Not in other people comparing my work, but myself. I try so hard to be the type of person who is super supportive of everyone else and their successes, whilst hustling away at my own work and realising that different things come to different people, but it's bloody HARD. 'Comparison is the thief of joy' they say, and they (whoever they are) is so bloody right. I look at other bloggers who have similar numbers to me getting better opportunities or growing at a faster rate, and it's stupid to say that it really gets me down isn't it? But it does and I want to be honest about it. I always want to be honest about everything.

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I know I have a small following and I don't expect to be getting many opportunities, certainly not paid opportunities, but it still bugs me when I see other people getting more, because that's life isn't it?! I don't blog for anyone other than myself, I blog to share my love of both fashion and writing, so it shouldn't bother me, right? But when I see bloggers the same ~size~ as me saying how many emails they have to reply to, it used to really get me down. Not necessarily that I wanted the same opportunities, more so that people aren't seeing the potential in me that they are in others. The only emails I had last week are spam 'we can gRoW yOuR iNsTaGrAm' which get sent straight to trash, the generic 'we want to send you a $5 tshirt if you write a wishlist post first, share the product on twitter/instagram/blog 5 times and give us your firstborn' which garner a polite 'I don't think this suits my blog but thanks!'; along with the 'I've written this article that I think your readers would be interested in' which get a 'I don't share pre-written articles, but good luck!'. So, nothing exciting! But I've come to learn that people like to exaggerate. They might not have a lot of amazing emails, so much as just a lot of emails. A fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of mentality!
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Because I see my own content so much; shooting, editing, proofreading, posting; I'm SUPER critical of it. I look at my own Instagram feed so many times because it's just there, that I begin to despise it more than I would if it was somebody else's. I'm trying not to go down the 'what if my shots looked like hers' train of thought, because mine and like MINE. They're my own, they're unique and my style of clothing isn't quite like hers anyway. But, like everyone and their mum is going for the grainy sepia toned photos at the moment, I had a minute of 'should I be doing this?' before realising that no, I shouldn't. I don't actually want my photos to look like that and I'd be doing it for the wrong reasons.

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I've spent a bit of time recently actually looking at my content from the past year and looking at how much it's improved (I would 100% advise you not to look back, thank you!), and it makes me feel much more positive to see the progress which I've made. It's much more progressive to focus on the positives isn't it! 

And I'm trying to remember just how different every single persons blog and content is; how ridiculous to compare.

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