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2017 was the year I really started to experiment with colour in my wardrobe. Whether it was with pops of yellow, bright and bold shoes or anything red, my wardrobe is now looking far less monochrome than it has been in previous years. And this definitely has to do with the confidence that I've gained through blogging and the influence of other bloggers. We all know that red was THE colour of the year (I was gonna say season, but then I thought 'which season?' because it was everywhere all seasons tbh) and at one point, my Instagram feed was 99% red because I got that much into it. Which is when I discovered that, actually, I kinda suit red!
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I don't know why I've never really experimented with it before; maybe the fact it's such a bold, statement colour and I always wanted to blend in and not be noticed; maybe it's because my mums never liked wearing red and that unknowingly influenced my choices? But whatever, I'm bloody glad I discovered my love for it! When you get nice Instagram comments saying how good you look in red, how much it suits you, etc., etc., you just sort of think it's people being nice. But then I started getting the comments IRL too, and even when we shot these photos Matt said how much red was my colour. So don't expect to be seeing me in anything other than red for the foreseeable guys!

casual outfit
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It might sound dramatic, but I feel like finding a colour that you love and really suits you, is like when you find your personal style; you're far more comfortable in what you're wearing and it makes you much more confident. Which for me, is always needed. So it warranted a full post about it! Because I don't know about you, but I find expressing yourself through what you wear to be the most empowering and it has quite literally changed my life. Like I mentioned, for a long time I wore 99% monochrome and wanted to blend it and never be noticed. Now I don't care if I get noticed for wearing something ridiculous, as long as I love it, who cares?

winter outfit
layering tops

Also; we shot these photos as it was starting to snow, so although I bloody FROZE, I really like the effect!

faux fur coat
slogan tee
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Coat, TK Maxx (similar)

Trousers, Missguided

T-shirt, Topshop (similar)

Polo neck, Topshop

Hat, M&S

Boots, Kurt Geiger

Photos by Matt McCormick
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Have you found the perfect colour in your wardrobe?

Loves. Emma.