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So when I did my obligatory Zara sale haul last month, I picked up this absolute jumper of dreams along with a red-toned multicolour faux fur shaggy jumper (that I'm doing a terrible job at describing so just check out my instagram for a pic, yeah? They're both now sold out so I can't link them I'm afraid!) and it got me thinking how good ~statement knitwear is. I'm the biggest knitwear fiend anyway, I have more jumpers and cardigans than I have room for because there is nothing better than comfy, cosy clothing is there? The whole reason A/W style is my favourite is because of knitwear and having an excuse to wear everything 3 sizes too big, but I'm surprised it's taken me this long to step out from the basic knitwear life. Obviously I've had different colour jumpers, striped and fringed, high neck and off shoulder, but this one in particular is just so much MORE. Who doesn't love a good pom-pom?
Zara had a number of different pom-pom jumpers in store for AGES before I found this one, but they all had wool and I just can't wear wool! (Small allergy, it leaves me itchy as hell with rashes.)

zara pom pom jumper

For so long I was all about statement shoes, but now I'm really finding my fashion comfort zone I'm getting into far more statement clothing pieces. So for this reason, I thought I'd just keep it simple for todays post and share some lairy jumpers that I'm loving at the moment (but refraining from buying because I have NOWHERE TO PUT THEM). Enjoy!

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