On New Years Day, we went for a nice long walk around our local nature reserve, and aside from snapping a few shots to later share on Instagram, I was completely switched off from all things ~internet~ for a good couple of hours. After coming home, I then cosied up with a hot chocolate whilst thawing out and spent some time working on one of the many colouring books which I haven't touched in FOREVER. And while this might sound like an extremely boring day, it was absolute bliss. After the worst anxiety attack of my life on NYE which caused me to cancel my plans, spending the next day away from my phone, laptop and iPad was exactly what I needed. It really made me realise how important it is to prioritise your mental health and to take a step back from things regularly. So I'm vowing to take a few evenings a week/month (I'm not setting numbers, just whenever I fell necessary!) this year to put my phone down and focus my mind elsewhere.

Before I started blogging, aside from endless hours spent scrolling Tumblr and having an actual social life, I used to spend a lot of 'me time' away from the internet. Whether this be spending hours perfecting intricate nail art designs, sketching, writing or whatever, I used to be creative. And yeah, blogging is my biggest creative outlet now, but I miss having more creative outlets! The hours I used to spend writing creative stories or sketching Disney characters seems like a lifetime ago, but it doesn't have to be, does it? If I spend less time endlessly scrolling Instagram and Twitter on an evening, I can dedicate more time to things that are gonna actually make me feel good. With a nice scented candle lit (probably not Diptyque, lets be real, gals not made of money!) and some comfy loungewear, spending 2 hours with a few colouring pencils sounds like a dream.

Alongside wanting more creative outlets, there's the fact that I want to be reading more. I discussed in my last post how I'd set this as a resolution last year, but wasn't very consistent in sticking to it. I go through phases with reading - I'm either devouring books faster than ever or taking weeks if not months to finish one (Currently on the latter: Lolita is proving a hard read!). But a good book provides such great escapism from everything that could be on your mind; it lets you get sucked into another world and just switch off completely; and who doesn't want that? I find reading so inspiring! So instead of getting into bed and spending an hour on social media I want to read more and relax myself for a (hopefully) better nights sleep.

This all sounds a lot like "I want to get away from social media!!" but it's not; it's simply about balance. A balance which I think will better my mental health. A balance which I think will leave me more inspired with my content. A balance which I think we should all be aware of.

Loves. Emma.