fashion flatlay

We've all been there, post sales shopping when we realise we've spent way too much on things that we don't need nor particularly want, just because it was a bargain. But this time I'm being more restrained, and would it be weird of me to say that I'm proud of myself? Sounds stupid, right? But it was the start of me trying to be more sensible with my money than I have in the past. Of me not shopping every single sale possible and over-filling my wardrobe stupidly so. So, yeah, I'm proud of myself.

I've written before about the issues with fast fashion and have also mentioned numerous times about me putting myself on spending bans only to then buy extravagant things when I've finished them. But this time I'm not limiting myself, not setting any bans or restrictions, just trying to think more about my purchases. It's at the point where I just don't want to be wasting my money, and lets face it, most of fast fashion tends to be a waste of money. The clothes don't last because of their quality, and when there's so much in my wardrobe, they just don't get worn either. I want to buy better and I want to buy less.

Of course I did do *some* sale shopping, I placed an order from Zara because it's my favourite, I picked up 3 pieces from Stradivarius and New Look, and treat myself to some new lingerie from Victorias Secret, but I didn't spend hours browsing multiple sites like I have done previously. I mean, who has the time?! My mum pointed out some amazing pink boots which, 3 months ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about picking up, but I just thought 'I already have a pair of shoes that colour and they don't get worn'. I have so many shoes and boots, I don't want to be buying some that I know won't get worn when the ones I have already don't get worn enough, y'know? 

I don't have a bullet journal, but I do have a (very nice) Kate Spade journal with 'notes' pages at the end of each month. And I've always thought 'who uses these pages!' but after seeing a couple of bullet journal blog posts, I decided to make use of these pages and create myself a monthly spending tracker. It has helped me SO much! At the start of each month I put down my current balance and then make a note of each purchase. When you realise how much of your income is going on, essentially, nothing, you start to realise changes need to be made. And now my savings account is much healthier than it's ever been!

So although I didn't think to include 'spending better' in my changes for 2018 post, it is essentially another resolution that I've set for myself and something that I feel like I will actually be able to stick to!

Do you lose your mind when it comes to sales shopping?

Loves. Emma.