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I've mentioned before that I'm not always the biggest dress lover; I often much prefer trousers or a jumpsuit as I'm not much of a ~girly girl. But sometimes certain dresses, or more so certain styles of dresses just catch my eye and I've got to have them. And lately the collection in Warehouse has very much been catching my eye! They have such a versatile collection and, admittedly, it is often a place I forgot to check out until I'm in my local Outfit store and spot a hidden gem! I mean, who doesn't love a black shift dress: the go to for every occasion. However, instead of splashing out on a new Spring wardrobe just yet (these temperatures do not feel like it is almost Spring!), I thought I'd work with what I've already got. So seeing as we are heading into Spring next month no matter the temperatures, I thought I'd showcase two different ways to style your Spring dresses for the transitional period: when you still want to be warm!

styling a midi dress

#1 The Trench Coat & Ankle Boots

ruffle midi dress
burgundy boots

The perfect coat for in-between weather is always a trench coat. Not too warm, not too cold, drizzle but not pouring rain; a trench works so well! And when it's burgundy vinyl trench, I mean, that just makes it 10x better, no? I picked this one up from Missguided in the Autumn last year and although I love it, admittedly haven't worn it all that much; it's been so cold I haven't worn anything that's not an oversized teddy coat or faux fur. But a trench coat provides that practical extra layer without being too warm.

Throw in a pair of dreamy two-tone boots which are the perfect colour match for said trench coat, and we're onto a winner here I think! Ankle boots and dresses without tights can be very chilly, but definitely worth it on this occasion. As long as there's fluffy socks snug inside said boots, there's no complaints here.

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#2 The Jumper & OTK Boots

midi dress and over-the-knee boots
spring style

When I don't have a coat that matches my outfit, or simply can't decide which one works, the next best thing is to throw a jumper on instead! It still keeps you warm, and although it won't be as good if it starts chucking it down, as long as your outfit looks cute, right?! This cream number was a sale purchase from Stradivarius and is perfect for such occasions; it's slightly cropped and oversized making it the perfect fit.

Arguably my favourite footwear when it's cold is a good pair of over-the-knee boots. There's no drafts, no chilly ankles, and you can wear long, ugly socks that keep your feet toasty! This pair from ASOS have been my most-worn over the past few months, I just can't find a fault with them tbh. (I did have to cut down the ties at the back because super long!) But black flat OTK boots are a definite wardrobe staple for any season.

burgundy vinyl trench coat
Wearing: Dress, Missguided - Trench coat, Missguided (no longer available) - Boots, Public Desire - Sunglasses, Ray Ban - Bag, Lulu Guiness (no longer available)

cream jumper over dress
Wearing: Dress, Missguided - Jumper, Stradivarius (no longer available) - Boots, ASOS - Hat, Missguided - Bag, Lulu Guiness (no longer available)

A galaxy print dress may not scream 'Spring'; I mean, where are the florals?! But I think it's the style and cut of a dress that determines the season fit, no? A midi length flowy dress, to me, is everything Spring! So here are a few options that I've been eyeing up for next season (from Warehouse, because as I said, their collection right now is particularly drawing me in).

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baker boy hat

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