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The thing that comes with blogging, is that you share a lot of your life online. Whether you start out with that intention or not, it becomes that way through wanting to get your personality across in your blog posts and just constantly sharing on social media, wanting to interact with everyone! But how do you deal with that when you're a naturally introverted person? I'm never one to open up and spill my secrets to people, no matter how close I am to them. My best friend knows more about me than anyone else but there's still plenty of things that she doesn't actually know. Not only am I introverted, but incredibly shy and play my cards very close to my chest. I always feel like a burden if I offload onto people and nobody ever wants to be a burden do they! This isn't helped by having trusted people in the past to be betrayed, but y'know!

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Over the past few weeks I've been spending more time away from my phone and all things internet. If you want to grow on Instagram (which I, obviously, do) then you have to be on CONSTANTLY; posting everyday (multiple times a day), always liking, commenting, sharing, finding new accounts to follow. And I was beginning to find it draining. I left an instagram pod that I was in last year for this very reason. Social media is supposed to be something you enjoy and I was no longer feeling that way. I work a full-time 9-5 and have around 90 minutes of commuting everyday on top of this. By which commuting for me is driving, so I don't get chance to sit on a train and scroll for half an hour. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week because it benefits my mental health SO MUCH and I occasionally want to be social too, yknow. So the free time I have I like to spend writing or creating content, not feeling a looming pressure to be doing more. 

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I've always enjoyed writing; whether it's writing about myself and personal experiences or writing fiction. I used to spend my time after school writing stories on the family computer and I would be in my element with new essays to do. I only didn't pursue this further because I struggled with it as a subject at school: I knew I was good at it, my marks reflected it and my teachers encouraged me further; but I struggled with there not being a yes or no marking system. I much preferred maths because you're either right or you're wrong. 
But now, having my own platform to write what I want, in the style that I want, is just the BEST thing. So it seems only fitting that it's the place I get to be most me and share the things that I struggle to actually speak about; like my anxiety and career struggles, feeling jealous and being lonely. I'm really happy sharing parts of myself this way and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I just feel like there's a constant pressure to be and do MORE.

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It's no secret that the blogging industry is over-saturated. Anyone and everyone can (and most often does) start a blog; it's free, easy and available! And the only way to stand out from the crowd is to be you. Don't try to be anyone else or do what they're doing goes without saying; being yourself and getting your personality across is the key. I like to think that my writing and my style of dress both make me ~unique~ but when other people are expanding across platforms, I sometimes feel a little left behind. Starting a YouTube channel is not for me; I know that without having ever tried it because I know myself and I know how awkward I would be on camera. Yet this seems to be the key for getting your personality across and being oh so ~relatable. The same kind of thing applies to having engaging Instagram stories. My life is just very boring I'm afraid and I feel like I don't have much to share on there. I try to include bits regularly; little hauls when I've been shopping, music I'm loving, etc. But again, there won't be any chatty clips from me.

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So sometimes I struggle with sharing everything and feeling like it's not 'enough'; not being present on social media enough. And that it purely pressure that I put on myself; people read my blog and like my photos and keep coming back, so I must be doing something right. I just need to remind myself of this. Being present on every platform is not for everyone and it's not a necessity in being a blogger. 

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