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I've been reading a lot of blog posts lately that have been getting me really inspired with my content; my two favourite blogging babes, Megan Ellaby and Chloe Plumstead in particular. I blog, first and foremost, for myself, but I still want it to be something that everyone else enjoys, of course! So after this post from Chloe that gave me a big kick up the bum and has stuck with me for the past 6 months, and reading Megans new chatty style posts, I've been consciously trying to make my posts more identifiable as me; more personal! So yeah, I'm gonna tell you all about how I fell in love with this babin' jumpsuit but thats not all I'm gonna write about. 

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After shooting these photos, I went to do a bit of shopping because can I ever go into the centre of Leeds and not go into Topshop and Zara? No, I can not. And I was very conscious of people looking at me. Not like big crowds all staring or anything, just a couple of people doing a double take, one girl tapping her friend on the arm and pointing at me and it made me really self-conscious. Yeah its a bright yellow flared jumpsuit, but it's not like I've grown a second head or am walking on stilts is it? I've mentioned numerous times how much of a shy, awkward little bean I am, so I use my clothes as a way of expressing myself. Not only that, but they make great topics of conversation! So when the one thing that you're most confident in gets pulled apart in even the smallest of ways it is AWFUL. I mean, I wasn't bothered enough to go and get changed or anything, but when you don't have a clue what these people are thinking of you, it puts a feeling of dread in my stomach. They could've thought 'Oh thats different, I like it!' or 'what the hell is that?' or anything in between. I have absolutely no idea. And it's that not knowing that gets to me. I try so hard to be someone who doesn't care what other people think about them but it's tough. Even when it's strangers who you have never spoken to, never will speak to and will never even see again!

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yellow and stripes

I picked this jumpsuit up late last year from isawitfirst.com when I was looking for Christmas party outfits. I was choosing between black mini dresses, got distracted and somehow this ended up in my bag because, I mean, look at it! I'm all about jumpsuits/dungarees/overalls of any kind and this colour is a dream. That combined with the fact that it was in the sale, there were no hesitations! However it then sat in my wardrobe for 4 months before I had the confidence to wear it. This wasn't only because of how bold it is, but because it clings to the stomach and I have a digestive condition that means a looooot of bloating. I'm still not sure that I'm 100% comfortable with these photos but they're real, they're me and there's simply not a lot I can do to change it!

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It's not a groundbreaking tale to tell, and it's not going to change anything about how I express myself, how I put together somewhat ~loud~ outfits, but I think things like this are important to talk about. When you put pictures out on the internet in lairy outfits and people exclaim how they wish they had the confidence to pull it off, it's important to be transparent in how you don't always have the confidence to pull them off yourself! I don't particularly feel like my style is the most extravagant, but I guess to some people it is. Bold, statement outfits will, I think, always, be a very big part of my style, whether it be a brightly coloured jumpsuit, a patterned co-ord or a print clashing layered combination. 

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Jumpsuit, I Saw It First

Tee, New Look (similar)

Sunglasses, eBay (similar)

Photos by Matt McCormick

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