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Last week, I crawled out of my little anti-social pit and ventured into Leeds city centre for the opening of the new Jessops store. It’s not a completely new store, but it’s all been redesigned with a new concept focusing on setting your photos free. And it inspired me to write a little something! Totally not sponsored, FYI.

Since getting an Instax polaroid camera last year, I’ve been loving having actual printed photos around my room – not to mention the addition of photo booth snaps (of which I am lacking very much!) and scrapbooks of trips/occasions. I’m very much a fan of print over digital, which I know sounds odd being a blogger doesn’t it? I should probably be all “Print is dying!! Read blogs instead!!’ of which I am very much a fan, I only buy magazines on the odd occasion, but when it comes to photos? I like having actual hard copies of things that I want to remember. I have framed photos up all over, I have scrapbooks full of photos, I have albums under my bed. This sounds like I have lot of photos from lots of exciting trips/events; I don’t, but the few that I do have are printed out to see.

We live in such a digital world now, everything is online, people aren’t printing anything and what happens when your computer/phone/hard drive dies? All of your memories are gone. A friend of mine lost SO many photos of her daughter from birth to her first birthday because they weren’t printed or backed up and her phone got damaged. And I found that heartbreaking! We all hear stories of kids trying to flick through book pages like it’s an iPad screen but apparently the same happens with photos. They aren’t used to seeing printed images and so double tap them to zoom like we do on our phones. And yeah, growing up having access to such an extensive digital world is AMAZING, but in balance.

Much like vinyl records have made a resurgence, so have polaroid cameras. Everyone’s gone retro and I am SO here for it. I LOVE my instax mini. It might not be the most compact to take out and about, but there are different models and you can always just get a strap/carrier for it! The photos are worth it (in my, humble, opinion) because they’re just a bit more unique and with the array of frames available, why wouldn’t you want them? You can also get those little instax printers that connect to your phone so you can print phone snaps in polaroid style which is fab for on-the-go! But one thing I did pick up in Jessops was a ‘shuffle board’. Which is basically a photo frame that holds 13 different images, but instead of trying to line-up 13 different print outs, they’re all on one sheet for ease! Perfect gifts to ensure all of your loved ones have your face plastered on their walls! (My Gran already has about 8 photos of me and my brother as opposed to one of every other grandchild, so I don’t think I need to bother there!)

I just think it’s nice to have photos up on your walls of the people you love or places you’ve enjoyed visiting. Because it’s nice to look around and smile remembering things rather than looking at a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ poster and feeling nothing.

Loves. Emma.