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If I was asked to describe my style, I could never give a one word answer. I don't particularly fit into one style ~group; I'm not grunge, I'm not boho, I'm not 80s nor 90s. I'm a good mix of all of these and more. My style is unique to me, but it comes with a lot of influence from a lot of people. And this isn't necessarily in the sense that I want to emulate outfits that they've worn, but more in making me think more about the outfits that I put together. I definitely feel inspired by era's in general, I love a 90s mini dress and platform combo, or a 70s flare and coloured lens duo! But there are always certain people that stick out to me in particular, so here's a few of them.

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Alexa Chung
If anyone says Alexa isn't one of their style inspirations, I don't trust them. (I'm joking, of course) But I just feel like her whole look is always such effortless chic, I not only want to dress like her but to be her. I know I will never have a figure like Alexa, hence I will never be able to carry off the outfits she does, but the way that she's not afraid to experiment with androgynous style has definitely inspired me to be more like that! Mixing rock'n'roll pieces with girly dresses, or just wearing cigarette trousers with a pair of brogues and being unapologetically not feminine is what I love about her. 

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Harry Styles
I couldn't not include my fave on this list, not only because I'm wearing his face on my tshirt, but because his style is actually my favourite of anyones at the moment. His style has transformed since his teenage years and he wears such loud and gairish outfits without a care in the world, I can't help but be inspired by that confidence. I also put him responsible for my love of suits because the floral numbers, the bright numbers, every one he wears looks FIRE. Again as with Alexa, there's that element of androgyny that feels so honest. The nail polish, the jumpsuits, the glitter, it makes me want to be the most me that I can be!

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Megan Ellaby
Because of course it's not only celebrities who inspire my outfit choices! Megan was one of the first bloggers that I followed way back before I even started my own blog. Her love of colour and clashing prints, her lack of care wearing bright bold outfits that most wouldn't think of putting together, she's definitely one of the biggest inspirations on my wardrobe. I'm constantly being inspired to try new colour combos thanks to Megan and her rainbow of an Instagram feed, along with thinking more about the accessories that I put with an outfit!

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Really, there is an infinite number of people who influence my style on a daily basis. Celebrities, bloggers, people I see on the street, anyone and everyone! I just picked 3 who are consistently at the top of my list, but I'd love to know who's at the top of your list!



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Who's inspiring your style the most lately?

Loves. Emma.