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If you read last years 'Summer Style' post then you'll be well aware that it is my least favourite season to dress for. And it seems that Summer has arrived particularly early in the UK this year with the current heatwave situation. So you can imagine how ECSTATIC I am about that! I just like layers and layers in heat don't work well.

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It sounds so dramatic when I put it into words like this, but I just feel like I lose myself when the weather gets warm. I suddenly don't like anything in my wardrobe, I have a meltdown trying to find something to wear to the office everyday and whatever I do wear never feels very ~me~. It's always just crop jeans and a tshirt with no styling nor effort, and I'm not really just a jeans and a tshirt gal am I? Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. But if it was coloured jeans or tops that were a bit more than a basic white tee, or I even added a belt and some jewellery to brighten things up a bit, it'd feel more me. But I'm in a rut and none of this is happening.

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When I get in this (annual) state, I turn to shopping. Because of course buying more clothes when you hate your current wardrobe is the solution! But it's not really helped me all that much. Of course I've got some new summery bits that I'm loving, but I was just very indecisive about it all. On multiple occasions (both online and in-store) I've picked pieces and then got to the checkout, changed my mind and put them back. Which is very good for my bank balance! But doesn't help me in finding what it is that I want to be wearing at the moment. I placed an order on Nasty Gal and none of what I ordered was particularly summery. Who wears a black velvet suit when it's 23 degrees outside?! It doesn't matter how many amazing girls with amazing summer style I follow on instagram, I just feel that I can't carry off those outfits or they don't suit me and who I am. So what am I supposed to do?

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I know this all stems from insecurities and body confidence issues, but as inspiring as the body positive movement is (and I love it, the girls on my feed out there being unapologetically themselves, whether plus-size, super skinny, anything in between, it's UH-MAZING) I just can't seem to shake how I feel. I fell in love with this playsuit on ASOS and my first thought was 'but I don't think I'll wear it' so I ordered it to force me into wearing it! And this is twice I've worn it now. Both times I've worn it with nude fishnets even though it's been rather hot, but I don't care. I still did it. The mid-length sleeves definitely help, because I don't like getting the tops of my arms out, and the fact I sized up for a nice loose fit. So I might (slowly but surely) be getting there! I just need to find a few more pieces that I fall in love with and can force myself to wear.

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