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So I've been feeling quite down lately, lonely and not having much confidence in myself, and it's actually due to the weather being good. Which is the opposite to most people, I know, but bear with me. I don't have a lot of friends, being shy and having social anxiety make it quite difficult to make friends. Those I do have I value a lot, but my anxiety has found me distancing myself from them over the past couple of years. But when the weathers miserable, it's rainy and cold, I don't feel bad about sitting at home watching netflix, blogging and looking after myself. However when it's gloriously sunny and everyone's out with friends in parks and beer gardens, having trips to the beach and 'making the most of it' I, quite frankly, feel like shit. Because I haven't had any of that and I couldn't see myself having it in the near future. Feeling less than confident in ~summer clothing~ doesn't help but I wrote about this last week if you're interested!

When I decided to write about this it was with a more 'negative' spin that now. Because it's amazing what a little text from a friend reaching out can do for your mood! It got me thinking how, actually, it's quite easy to make changes sometimes, to reach out to friends and make plans, to do something about the things that make you miserable. I'm never gonna be a social butterfly with a calendar chock full of exciting plans, but that doesn't mean I have to be at home, alone and moping so much does it?!

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Pick up the phone
This should be the easiest thing given that I spend so much time on my phone, but I struggle UNBELIEVABLY so with reaching out to people. Even if it's just to confirm plans that have already been made, I hate sending that first message (and you'll for sure never receive a phone call from me) because what if they've changed their mind? What if they don't actually like me but were being polite? I'm forever convincing myself that people don't actually like me but then I speak to them or see them and everything's bloody fine. Anxiety's real fun guys! 
But I need to push myself a little. And I need to start replying in group chats even if I feel like nobody notices when I don't, because then I know that I've put the effort in and I might actually enjoy myself, y'know? It shouldn't be hard to text someone who you used to spend everyday with or who you've been on holiday with, but it is for me. So I'm gonna try and ease myself back into being more sociable. I don't need to be making plans every day of the week, but every now and again would be fabulous.

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Make the most of opportunities
In April, I had the busiest blogging month I've ever had because I finally said YES to some event invitations. Before then, I'd always blamed work, they had been weekday events that would've been a bit of an inconvenience tbf, but I know I could've made it work with a bit of effort. I decided it was time to start meeting more bloggers, making new friends and opening myself up to more exciting opportunities. And I have done! I've met some lovely new bloggers and had a great time at each event, so the next time an invite lands in my inbox I'll be THERE.
But it's not just about waiting for events to meet new bloggers, but arranging your own meet ups! I've got plans to meet up with 2 lovely girls who I know through instagram now, and although one blogger I used to meet up with turned out to be a total bitch, I'm not gonna let that stop me meeting others. There's always gonna be a few bad eggs but you've got to not let them ruin it for everyone else! 

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There's nothing wrong with a bit of solo travel
I'm really trying to build my confidence up to go on a trip alone but it ain't gonna be happening anytime soon. I don't want to be waiting around for a travel buddy, I hate relying on other people, but anxiety! So I want to make some more day trips throughout the summer and see parts of the country that I haven't before. I want to go back to London because I haven't actually been for a few years; I want to go back to Manchester because it's possibly my favourite city; I want to go a beach and I want to fall in love with travelling on my own and grow in confidence! So if you've any recommendations for where I need to go, hit me up guys.


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I might not have exciting plans to fill the summer but I'm still determined to make it a fun summer.

Loves. Emma.