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The age old dilemma: do I be sensible and save for a mortgage and other ~adult~ things or do I be a bit more frivolous, treat myself and have a good time?
Well last month I went to an event with GiffGaff GamePlan focused all around money management, played their very own board game 'spend or save' and heard all about their plans to launch a banking app to help you keep better control of your money. (Side note: the event was at Cuckoo and if you're in the Leeds area it is definitely somewhere worth checking out. I didn't know it existed before then, but it's a very good little spot for cocktails and pizza. Very colourful and instragrammable too which is also a bonus!)

I've been doing very well with my saving lately; I opened a new savings account last year and transfer what's left from the previous month on the day that I get paid. On top of this, as I've spoken about before, I've started being more ~considerate~ with my purchases. I'm not hauling as many clothes just because I can and I'm not buying food consistently while I'm out and about or at work. It's the little things that make a difference! But also (well, I've got a post going up about this in more detail on Monday) my issue with the 'treat yourself' mentality is that, for me, it tends to be materialistic things. And there's nothing wrong with that, because it makes me happy! But I wish it was more hopping on a plane and making memories. I just can't do that right now, so sensible and saving it is!

The Game
The 'Spend or Save' board game made for a very fun evening making new friends. It's all about spending your money wisely, saving as much as you can and realising that there's sometimes external factors that affect this. Hello to the triplets I suddenly became pregnant with and had to spend a lot of money on. Hello also to the pesky stock market crash which lost me my house that I had saved up for ages to buy!
You start out as a 20 year old with £1,000; around the board are various incomings and outgoings and each round of the board you age up 5 years. There's a selection of life goals you can work towards, whether that be saving in an ISA, getting married, buying a house or more! They have varying rewards at the end of the game, and as I mentioned, there are external factors if anyone lands on a 'pick a card' spot which can help or (very badly) hinder your path to achieving these goals. The starting point of the board is your pay day each round, and if you're out of money then you're out of the game!

The Product
So I'll be honest, I'd not heard of GiffGaff much past being a mobile network, but turns out they're a babe of a brand who put all of their focus on their customers; what they want, how they want it and the best way to go about it. They LISTEN! They're far more than just a mobile network and describe their brand as "a philosophy of mutual giving and savviness" which they wanted to extend into other aspects of life: hence the break into finance! It's essential to manage your finances in life isn't it? And lets be honest, with traditional banking we don't monitor what's going out and how to best reduce that very well. So they offer a free credit report service now, because knowing your credit report is important for making any of those ~big life decisions~. And they're building said banking app which will make it easy for you to monitor your numbers and learn how to save your money in the best way.

giffgaff leeds event

Being totally honest, this was only the 3rd event I have ever been to. (Too nervous to say yes before now!) But it was easily the best one yet. The location, the company, the pizza, the game; it was all rather wonderful and I had more laughs than I've had in ages. Companies that put time, effort and money into their customers are companies that I have a lot of time for. So I'm definitely looking forward to giving their new services a go and saving even more dolla!

Photos courtesy of GiffGaffGamePlan

Loves. Emma.