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As much as I love a basic white tee, I would have to say it's band tee's that are the real staple in my wardrobe. I always love the style of them, they're effortless and ~cool~ and just transform the way an outfit looks don't they! Plus, I mean, who doesn't want to wear their favourite band/singer on their chest for the world to see, huh? But often, I find myself just grabbing for a band tee and a pair of skinny jeans, not really doing much styling wise. So I thought in pushing myself to style them up a bit more, it made the perfect opportunity for a blog post. 
I picked this Rolling Stones tee up from Urban Outfitters when I walked in and fell in love, basically! It's my ideal oversized fit; perfect for tucking, tying or lounging. AND they're the best band in the world, so what is not to love?

The Statement Trousers

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The 'statement trousers' in this instance are actually a jumpsuit (as seen in this post) so I guess really that's another way to wear the tee isn't it! But statement trousers are maybe my favourite way to wear a band tee. Whether it's pinstripe skinny trousers a la pinterest, a cropped polka dot plise or a bright and bold yellow, they just make your outfit into a true ~lewk. I opted for the yellow because I've also been trying to find more ways to wear the jumpsuit and get my moneys worth so it was an ideal opportunity tbh! But the colour ties in well with the muted tones of the t-shirt and I'm so here for that. Teamed with some heels (because I'm too short for these trousers if not), a cute little bag and shades, it makes a great 'summery but not too summery' look.

spring style


Boots, Primark 

Out Out

emma copland
rolling stones tshirt

Maybe 'out out' isn't the right one, but I'm definitely getting more 'out to the bar' evening kinda vibes from this outfit; probably the leopard print mini skirt! I kinda just wanted to show that band tee's can be dressed up a bit. I didn't go all out, still kept things a bit casual and ~me~, but it works. The contrasting styles of the t-shirt and the skirt work and that's what I'm all about in an outfit: dressing down a smart piece or dressing up casual pieces.

leopard print mini skirt



band tee
street style
urban outfitters tee

The most common kind of outfit with a band tee: skinny jeans and a leather jacket. It is definitely a go-to, fail-safe look of mine and these jeans just add a little more. Throw on some red sunglasses and a red lip to pull out the colour in the t-shirt and what's not to love? A perfect everyday look, no?

lace up jeans

T-shirt, Urban Outfitters

Jeans, Topshop (similar)

Jacket, River Island (similar)

Sandals, Superga 

Sunglasses, Primark (similar)

Which is your favourite look? 

Loves. Emma.