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For the first year of having my blog, I didn't use social media for it at all, too worried of what people I knew would think. For the second year, I used it sparingly because I was aware that there were plenty of people who had been following me long before I started blogging, who might not be interested. And do you know when I enjoyed blogging most? When my stats were at the highest? When I was getting the most interaction on my blog? You guessed it! 

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Over the past year I've become fixated on making my Instagram look ~good~, have somewhat of a theme and grow my following the best I can. And you know what? I'm done with it. Not only is it not worth the effort I'm putting in, because Instagram seems to be impossible for me to grow (I've been around 1500 followers since January fgs) but it's dragging me down and it's DRAINING. It's not about the numbers and I shouldn't be comparing, I know. But we all still do, don't we? It's hard not to when there's people who've started after you and are fast surpassing everything you're achieving. Like, of course I'm happy for them, they're doing amazing things, but I wouldn't be human if it didn't still get to me a little.

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So I just want to strip things back. Get back to a place where I'm putting out content that I love, on my own platform, and focus less on the social media side of things. Yes, it can be great for promoting your blog, making friends in the industry, and being creative; but when it's dragging you down, you need to be aware and know when to take a step back. I want my focus to be on putting out more blog posts, not on creating good Instagram content. I want my focus to be on writing and putting together photos that set the right tone for that writing. I want my focus to be on my own platform, the one that I've invested my own hard earned pennies into, and not a platform that is out of my control and can be taken away at ANY minute. Because if Instagram dies and your focus is solely on there, then what do you have left? You might have had hundred of thousands of followers on there, but if they can't find you and your content elsewhere then it's game over, no?

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I don't want to be the type of person who loses themselves to doing everything 'for the gram'. I don't want that to be my sole focus, because where's the personality? Who is the person behind those carefully positioned photographs? What's the story behind that outfit? My favourite people on Instagram are bloggers. And they're the bloggers who are still writing, opening up discussions and letting us into their lives. Bloggers like Chloe, Megan & Sophie (my top 3 who I will come back to every. single. time). Chatty captions and even chattier blog posts are what I'm here for. So shouldn't I be putting out the kind of content that I digest myself?
I know there's Instagram stories to get your personality across, but there's just *something* about sitting down with a drink and reading a nice wordy blog post that I think I will always love, y'know! Not throwaway content.

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I think if I stop trying to come up with ideas for shots to post on Instagram every damn day, then I can put more effort into making my blog shoots better. Spend more time finding the right location, the right props and creating content that I'm much more happy with. Because everything has felt very stagnant lately; and yes, part of that is because it's summer and I hate summer style so find it the least inspiring, but also I've been frustrated. Feeling like your content is sub par and that it's not identifiably ~you~, not having an editing style that you want, (all sound like very first world problems, I'm aware) can really get you down. 
Sometimes all you need is a weekend away from social media, lots of me-time, lots of chill time and a trip to the beach to get you feeling refreshed! 

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Blogging is 

my favourite hobby, 

my best distraction 

from the shit parts 

of life, and I just 

want to get back 

to enjoying it please!

beach style

Not only do I want to focus my time on improving my blog, but also on reading others and finding new blogs to fall in love with. So many people I once followed seem to have either drifted to different topics or given up altogether and my Bloglovin feed is the most uninspiring ever right now. So leave your blog links in the comments, but also leave me your top 3 (or top 5, 10, however many you think I just *need* to read!)

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