soap & glory

One of the things I've struggled with most in going cruelty free is the research. Finding out which brands are actually cruelty free; not in the Batiste style of creating your own 'leaping bunny' mock up label when you can't get certified, or the Garnier style of marketing 'vegan formula' products when said products are still tested on animals. So within my 'Sustainable Series' I thought I'd branch off into a mini-series of the cruelty free products I love. Hint: they're mostly budget friendly too!

superdrug bodycare

I think all of my essentials (deodorant, shaving foam, toothpaste, have I forgotten anything?) now come from Superdrugs own brand range! They're all completely cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified, and possibly vegan too, but I'm not great on checking ingredients lists and knowing what to look for! They're all super cheap but just as good as branded alternatives, and often they're on offer too; I got the deodorant on '3 for 2' and the shaving foam on 'buy one get one free'. Both of those have delightful scents, and the toothpaste is almost identical to an Oral B one that I was previously using. There are really no complaints here!
I did try a natural deodorant from Native Unearthed that came in a glass jar as a solid and was to be rubbed on with your hands. A little strange at first but you get used to it, however it just didn't work for me which was a shame! 

Body Butter & Lotions
the body shop body butter

I'm a moisturiser addict! The one ~beauty~ lesson that my mum has always instilled in me is to moisturise every damn day. And that I do! I mostly use The Body Shop body butters because they smell like a DREAM and I love to alternate between different scents (I desperately want to try the new banana one please!) but I also switch out for body lotions when it's warmer. Throughout the heatwave these past few weeks, I honestly couldn't have lathered myself in a body butter. I would've melted! 
An alternative to The Body Shop ones is Soap & Glory. In particular the Righteous butter, but also any that aren't the Sugar Crush scent tbh. They're not quite as heavy, therefore not as luxurious and moisturising, but quicker to soak in so better if you're in more of a hurry! Both brands have frequent offers which I of course take advantage of to stock up. I currently have 8 body butters and 3 lotions filling my drawer and it's maybe a little out of hand. Woops! 

Shower Gel & Scrubs
original source shower gel

The main thing I look for in shower gel is the scent; I know I should be looking at how it actually works, but? I like my showers to smell nice! Original Source is the best for both fruity scent and being a good, foamy cleanse. They have an array of scents and they also do the 'foaming shower gel' range, which I think is fairly new? Anyway I've got the pineapple one which will be next up in the shower and I'm hoping for luxury! If I'm feeling particularly boujie (read: there's a good offer on) then I may treat myself to some of the Soap & Glory shower butters but I'm tight and seven quid on one bottle of shower gel that doesn't last very long is silly, no?
In terms of scrubs, I don't really use a lot all that often, a good pair of exfoliating gloves and they're not needed. But if I want a bit of a pamper, then much like with body butters, it's between either The Body Shop or Soap & Glory.

Fake Tan
st tropez purity tan

If you can't already tell from my photos, I'm not a big fake tan user. I've dabbled with a bit of St Moritz on night outs before, but I'm naturally pale and tend to embrace this. However, sometimes I feel too pale and a bit ghastly, so over the summer I've been using the St Tropez purity mousse and face mist. It works with your natural skin tone to give you a subtle glow, nothing over-the-top and orange, so it's been perfect for me! It also smells of coconuts which is much nicer than the usual fake tan biscuit aroma. Being clear, it leaves no transfer on your clothes or bed sheets and really, I've just been enjoying having a bit of colour and looking less ill. The face mist has made me much more confident in going make-up free!

Any favourites I should try out?

Loves. Emma.