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July has been quite a good old month for me! I've spent time with friends, discovered new places, tried new things and enjoyed a boat load of sunshine; so I can't really complain at that (although I am glad that it's cooled down now, because Autumn is just around the corner and I can't bloody wait!). I sat down and brainstormed where I want to go with my blog earlier this month; working out what I want to accomplish and the style of content I want to be putting out across my social platforms. And now I'm feeling good about things! I'm not comparing, I'm focusing on ME.

What I Did
The biggest thing for me that has happened this month is that I've started practising yoga. It's something that I've been interested in trying for a while, but I didn't want to try a class and be absolutely terrible and make a fool of myself in front of a room full of strangers. So when I discovered Cat Meffans YouTube channel I had to give it a go! (I'm now a bit obsessed with her and want to go on yoga retreats and get a fluffy pup called Simba but shh!) I've started getting up half an hour earlier than usual and doing a 20-30 minute flow each morning, and I've honestly noticed such a difference. I feel so much better in myself than if I spend that time scrolling through social media before dragging myself out of bed. I couldn't recommend it enough!
I also ventured out with friends a few times this month, including a visit to Hardcastle Crags (a National Trust park which isn't too far from where I live); a food festival at The Piece Hall in Halifax and discovering new riverside bars to frequent in Leeds. It's just nice to do things that are a bit different but still on your doorstep sometimes isn't it? You don't have to go far to enjoy yourself! 

What I Watched
There is only one thing to talk about here and that is Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Because if you haven't seen it/don't like it/aren't interested, then I'm sorry but I just don't think we can be friends? I laughed and I cried and I didn't want to leave the cinema when it ended. I just wanted them to start it from the beginning all over again! I've had ABBA on loop in my car since and am ready to go back and see it as many times as humanly possible. Lily James is my queeeeen and I can't decide who I'm more in love with between young Bill and young Sam?
Also watched: Love Island (obvs) and I have a whole post coming about this next week so keep your eyes peeled; more Queer Eye (I don't want it to end but I've only got 3 eps left!); and the new season of Orange Is The New Black (It's almost too heavy at some points because it makes you think about how some of these things actually do happen; it's not just a comedy like I expected when I started Season 1 all that time ago, but I'm still watching. I'm attached to the characters!).

What I Read
I love reading but I'm a very slow reader! So I think I'm gonna keep the pressure off and only aim to talk about one book each month. July's favourite definitely has to be The Language Of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh as it was just beautiful. I loved the whole idea and the context, the switching between current and past scenes, the characters. Honestly, if you love a happy ending this is for youuuuuu!
In terms of other ~content that I've read this month, this article by Olivia Sudjic about the dangers of Natural Cycles was a very good read and makes you reassess who you're supporting online *side-eye emoji* and Hadley Freemans interview with Jameela Jamil is one to read because I think Jameela Jamil is bloody wonderful tbh! Chloes post about the death of blogging hit a chord with me because its bloggers like her, who write about real topics with substance, who I will always continue to support. And of course I couldn't not mention Megans book club post, because I'm always looking for new reads! 

What I Ate

As I mentioned, I went to a food festival last month where I had one of the best pizzas ever (but I'm trash and don't remember the companies name, soz); I also had my first ever Wagamamas (I know, late to the party as always) and it was bloody beautiful. I went for a tofu Pad Thai and polished every bite from my plate while my friend still had a mountain in front of her. So I think it's safe to say I will definitely be going back!
I did a food shop at Sainsburys at the start of this month (I usually go to Tesco; riveting chat this isn't it!) because I'd heard about their new veggie launches. The pulled jackfruit was bloody lovely, as was the Sweet & Sour that I made with their fake chicken. The Goodfellas vegan falafel pizza was also a big hit!

Have you had a good July?

Loves. Emma.